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  1. ...and actually far more difficult than the woman on the right! DUP MPs threaten to walk away from deal to prop up Theresa May's minority Government on eve of Queen's Speech ..but she won't! Probably!
  2. The Corbyn-McDonnell Action Plan?

    This has practically nothing to do with Grenfell Tower, and any excuse would have done. They are trying to capitalist on the fact that May is unlikely to have the guts of a Margaret Thatcher. This is all building into something very ugly, and way beyond Corbyn's ability to control, and there's the obvious fact that the people Corbyn has gathered around him don't want him to be able to control it.
  3. The Corbyn-McDonnell Action Plan?

    Corbyn backers spread fake news about Grenfell Tower as Johnson blasts 'political games' Seems you are right moe! I've long suspected that Corbyn is simply being used by Marxists as a benevolent-looking front. He has obvious appeal for hand-wringing liberals and the politically naive. Whatever.. he's clearly incapable of controlling the people behind him who want nothing less than to overturn our democracy. The crazy thing is that virtually the entire PLP are going along with this charade. They need to read a bit of history and discover what happened to the moderate people who thought they were taking a free ride on Stalinism and Nazism!
  4. Doesn't seem too far away for the truth to me!
  5. Non Members - what topics can they see?

    Actually... you're wrong! The "Introduce Yourself" forum can't be seen by non-members. You should have logged out to check that!
  6. Non Members - what topics can they see?

    As the politicos would tell you "it's a dynamic situation", so you always run that risk!
  7. Non Members - what topics can they see?

    Why not just Sign Out to find out?
  8. Oh What a Lovely Election!

    Which smile is genuine: Mrs May pictured with our PM.
  9. Oh What a Lovely Election!

    I heard that they are very close to agreement, and it's all rather painless. It's agreed that Nigel Farage will become chief EU negotiator, and that Downing Street will be relocated brick by brick to Belfast; but the current sticking point is exactly how many Trident missiles are to be re-targeted at The Vatican.
  10. Oh What a Lovely Election!

    Which party will that be? You can't have the Living in a Big Way (on credit) Party - that one belongs to (the other) McDon.
  11. Oh What a Lovely Election!

    There's nothing wrong with Gove; he should have been in the original cabinet instead of the incompetent Hammond. In Remonian terms he's a hard Brexiteer, as indeed your poster boy McDonnell has just come out as!
  12. Oh What a Lovely Election!

    Wow, I didn't know Philip May was a "trillionaire"! This is too hung up on current events so try a generalisation... Actually they won't get it... because any region with sentient people will also form at least one cross-traditional-party alliance and preferably multiple alliances, and they will offer their votes to form a government on a competitive basis too. Yes, it's horsetrading but that's how things work anyway, just not on such an above board and refined basis. It's pretty much were Labour's devolution is already tugging us, though like much coming out of the left the implications weren't properly considered (Umm... SNP!). It also has parallels in much of Europe. National party orientated FPTP hasn't exactly worked swimmingly for the NE over the last century has it, and there are huge problems with all forms of PR.
  13. Problems with webcam?

    Problem noted. Thanks!
  14. It's looking more certain by the hour - the Tories are currently talking themselves into it!