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  1. http://www.sirjamesgoldsmith.com/timeline/ Life is full of unappreciated connections!
  2. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Sorry, I don't have any medicine to take, and the pretty young oncologist seemed quite happy when she looked over the medical tests on Monday morning. Good for another year, subject to another MRI which is proving difficult due to funding problems here, was the verdict. I might pay the clinic for it myself, but as we've just paid a wodge of income tax to help prop up yet another failing Eurozone economy, I was rather expecting a little of it back. Have you read the Swedish government pamphlet delivered to your house about what to do when war breaks out between the EU and Russia? "Duck and cover" is it?
  3. Carillion: Watershed Moment For Privatisation?

    I think the Carillion failure highlights a problem with HOW the contracts are awarded. The government actually encourages shaky companies to underbid, as a large government contract provides them with cash flow to try to dig themselves out of trouble. The government is a monopoly buyer in these circumstances and could easily draft a contract which avoids this pitfall. The contracts should require that when public funds are involved public money is placed in escrow in favour of subcontractors and their employees, any use of those funds to shore up the main contractors balance sheet should be declared fraudulent and therefore a criminal offence. The government could also dictate the maximum delay in paying subcontractor's invoices. Superficially this would add to the cost of the contract, but in fact those costs wouldn't be anything like they first appear because it would give smaller subcontractors more incentive to enter the market and lower costs that way - I'm told that many subcontractors simply refused to deal with Carillion because of their ridiculously extended payment periods, and any sensible subcontractor would factor the finance costs into their bid. The argument about public/private is all rather artificial, because at some point everything in government is furnished by privately controlled resources. Blair's Labour government rightly recognised this, but as is usual with our politicos they went totally overboard in favour of what "seemed like a good idea at the time". The government should be encouraged to carry out limited experiments with public funds, but these experiments shouldn't become general public policy until the results are in. This, of course, doesn't suit the "I have all the answers" politicos.
  4. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Shallow thinking CL - the sort beloved by the left. A club where membership requires you to hold two self-contradictory views in your head at the same time, and convince yourself that both accurately represent reality. Amusing that Manfred Weber has stood up in the EU parliament in the last few days and deployed exactly the same spurious argument that you've deployed in the number plate debate. Needless to say the shallow Verhofstadt though this was another hilarious example of British stupidity.
  5. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    Yup, "the science is settled". That's apart from the fact that anything that IS settled isn't science. Strange days we live in!
  6. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    I wonder what that flag is Merc? No, actually I don't! That's far from the case here. But... to paraphrase Herr Juncker: The EU flag is losing its importance in Europe. I think CL needs to think a little more deeply on the matter: at least as deeply as those on the Brussels gravy train.
  7. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    The creator of the petition simply wants the right to be British by default again, and not to have to jump through hoops to assert this. To him/her being British is the default state, and so why should things be different? In part it's generational, but by no means entirely. I'm delighted that your flag is the same as mine, and that neither of us are "xenophobes"!
  8. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    I understand the EU flag it's pretty much imposed on you; but whatever, the petition is a signal to the government for when the law is redrafted to exclude EU diktats. It's up to the level where the govt has to respond now, so we'll be able to read the response in a week or two. At a practical level: in this part of the EU nothing much is enforced and Brits drive UK registered cars around for years - I will start looking closely but can't remember seeing a GB sticker. I was using a UK driving licence for almost ten years before swapping it when renewal was required, and that's the norm in these parts. Crash helmets and seat belts are pretty much optional, that's unless the mayor is struggling to pay the local police wages (which is increasingly the case these days). They've been going through the old records to try to find property tax bills they've overlooked in previous years in a desperate attempt to keep the town solvent. So, all the EU propaganda about an economic recovery is just that, and the true state of things is clear in so many other ways. I don't think I'm going to be using Euros for very much longer!
  9. Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New Year CL+Pete_+Joe+All! I'm not telling you what my resolutions are though CL!
  10. SIGN THE PETITION 10,373 signatures as at 31st December 2017
  11. The questions are: exactly how much public money was used to gain this estimated boost, and what could have been achieved if this money had been used in a more phased and considered way? Five minutes of fame might not bring too much business to the places that really need it. Politicos have a poor record of spending wisely, and they often can't resist the temptation to do things which they think will gain them maximum votes. This is simply an observation and not a specific criticism, but I do think this sort of thing needs a little more justification than we actually get. The chief problem we've had in our area is one party rule stifling proper accountability. Maybe times are changing, and I sure hope so!
  12. Ronnie the Part-time Rebel

    Just when you were doing so well Ronnie! You go and support the establishment, and badly damage the UK's negotiating position in the process. What on earth were you thinking by supporting the Tory rebels, and voting against your constituent's best interests? Come the next GE this will be remembered. But, perhaps you've already decided to retire on your parliamentary pension and don't want to rock the boat. Some answers please?
  13. Seriously Seeking Santa

    I don't know how to break this to you CL - maybe you need a strong drink too - but the guy behind your house is an impostor! Santa Claus has been here for almost 1000 years after being kidnaped by some local syndicates who made the Turks "an offer they couldn't refuse"! He decided to holiday in Moscow this Summer (and it seems he's quite popular up there) - I blame global warming! After almost 1000 years he probably needed a holiday though. Here's a sneak shot I got of him on his way to Moscow in May (don't you just dig his luggage!):
  14. Seriously Seeking Santa

    Was never more CL! Merry Christmas from Santa Claus Land!
  15. Shh... whatever you do don't tell the Irish!

    Oh dear, it seems that someone did tell the Irish! How could this possibly have happened as we have a UK government and an EU, both so utterly united in themselves and singing from the same songsheets? There must be someone somewhere who isn't thinking of the greater good of us all, and wishes for things to go very wrong. We must find that selfish person and shame them - maybe a Twitter storm or a FB campaign? Now who, in either the EU or the UK government, could possibly be operating to a personal agenda? This is hard, I think I need another strong coffee.