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  1. Hullo fellow Bedlingtonians

    Just a little message to say after almost 10 gloomy months living in blyth (nothing against the place), I have finally returned back to good old Bedrock and resumed my status as "A Stationer"

    It's good to be home!

    Hope you are all well

    Penny Lane x


  2. Went to the millfield for my sisters birthday recently, food was delicious, staff were friendly

    However we had to wait almost an hour for our food.....although there was about 12 of us so maybe's that was the reason

    Tasty place though, i'd recommend :)

  3. Hullo folks,

    Just to let you know that as of this Thursday i will be starting an open mic night at the black bull in bedlington. If you play an instrument or sing or both please feel free to take to the (sort of) stage and give us a tune! If not then just come along and enjoy the music!

    We have guitars and mics so if u just want to come and sing us something im sure we'll be able to supply the music

    Hope to see some of u there!

    Please spread the word



  4. Its that time of year again... so what's everyones fave christmas film to watch every year? And what christmas tune do you reckon is the best?

    I'd have to say that "It's a wonderful Life" gets my vote

    and probably John Lennon - War is Over for top chrimbo tune!


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