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  1. If my memory serves me correctly,I think Bill Hunter was the bookie.....am I right or wrong?..[i'm looking at 1962-ish,when I met my Wife,She was friendly with Him and His Wife,they might  be in thier Eighties noo!]

    Hi Penny Lane!..first time I have seen any of your posts..!

    Are you a fellow[?] Musician also?....we can start a thread aboot C# 's and B-flat-minor-seventh's...with a sustained fourth......and a diminished ninth.....!!!

    hi! haha i am yes! We can but i think we might be the only ones joining in!

  2. I used to frequent Dennis' and the paper shop for my weekly Beano and 10p mix up when i was a kid (80s and early 90s)


    I used to often go to the butchers and wool shop with my old dear too. It was a shock when i walked round there for the first time in years, not too long ago, to see most of the shops had completley gone.


    It also made me think just how small the shops were because the patch of grass that has replaced it is TINY



  3. Hullo,


    Wondering if anyone can help. There is an abandoned stand alone garage in Lambton Court (Bower Grange). My partner has just got a motorbike and we are looking to rent the garage out (as we don't have a shed big enough and it's currently sitting in my kitchen!)


    We've asked around the entire street and cul de sac and no one knows who it belongs to, only that it hasn't been used for a very long time. One person thought it had been abandoned by someone who left the estate more than six years ago


    We've contacted the council and land registry and they have no clue who it belongs to


    Is there anyone else we can ask about this?





  4. Hi everyone. Sadly, due to a lack of funding and a lack of decent working equipment, our karaoke night at the Black Bull will not be continuing.

    We are looking to start a quiz night, probably on a week night, in the upcoming weeks

    Watch this space for details!

    In the meantime, if anyone knows anyone who have their own PA system and karaoke gear and would like to do the Karaoke nights at the Black Bull, please contact Dan or Jimmy on 01670 459622

    Thanks to everyone who came along for our three week trial, we had a great time!!

    Love Gem and Bex

  5. Anyone know what has happened at the Wharton this morning? Passed it at 7am and there were several fire engines and ambulances outside.... the upstairs looked like there had been a pretty bad fire


    Not sure about the pub downstairs



  6. I thought it was a good night, love the atmosphere in there now and the bar staff are very friendly and welcoming.... cheaper beer than we had in there before too!

    I intend to make it a regular habit on a tuesday so i'll be attending tomorrow :) Get yourselves along Bedrock!

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