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  1. apparently some lad called joe won it
  2. haha yeah elf is funny! i watched jingle all the way the other day aswell... ha gotta love arnie!
  3. morecambe and wise two ronnies vic and bob
  4. morecambe and wise christmas specials and the two ronnies!
  5. Its that time of year again... so what's everyones fave christmas film to watch every year? And what christmas tune do you reckon is the best? I'd have to say that "It's a wonderful Life" gets my vote and probably John Lennon - War is Over for top chrimbo tune!
  6. stephen fry and alan davies twitters are always interesting
  7. i like the snow, its funky
  8. 15 out of 20 for me. its all in the eyes i reckon! and without being too harsh... might i add... some of those people were abit funny lookin!!
  9. hmm yeah, he does take scrap but he flogs stuff off his little wagon thing aswell or he used to
  10. aye, itll keep all the little charvers in theeir corsa's out of presto's car park!
  11. bands on bank holidays wud be brilliant i remember years ago when we had street fairs, there used to be live bands playin on big wagons
  12. What a brilliant idea I would love to get involved in something like this Bedrock radio would rock!
  13. aye i didnt bother goin since theres no live music or owt on anymore boo
  14. Yeah sorry but that is a fairly goitish thing to say really I mean each to their own but not only did he make some pretty top class films (for blokes and the girlys) but he seemed like a really nice bloke too If you read his new book, or extracts from it youll see that hes probably one of the bravest people youve ever read about too. Not only did he have quite a tragic personal life but he refused to complain about his illness or even take painkillers while he was filming incase it screwed up his acting, his face was never in all the papers winning sympathy votes from the public...he just took
  15. claire hurry up and get it, i wanna be lennon!
  16. ha aye, altho i can think of worse people to be haunted by
  17. theres still a rag and bone man/scrap man who comes down my street at the station!
  18. nowt wrong with a friday night in bedrock man we always have a good night in the sun, tavern and black bull. tend to stay clear of the rest tho!
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