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  1. Yeah i used to run the black bull buskers night every thursday
  2. hahaha im very glad to be back..... blythy toon wasnt for me! No disrespect to any of you blythers i believe theres already a street named after penny lane... Shame thats not my real name!
  3. i LOVE Movember. i find moustaches hilarious anyways so this is a month of pure comedy gold for me
  4. Hullo fellow Bedlingtonians Just a little message to say after almost 10 gloomy months living in blyth (nothing against the place), I have finally returned back to good old Bedrock and resumed my status as "A Stationer" It's good to be home! Hope you are all well Penny Lane x
  5. Went to the millfield for my sisters birthday recently, food was delicious, staff were friendly However we had to wait almost an hour for our food.....although there was about 12 of us so maybe's that was the reason Tasty place though, i'd recommend
  6. i loooooooove big bang theory and if he was drinkin broon dog then i love it even more
  7. Oh yeah! Happy birthday for the other day claire petal x
  8. The only meal i ever eat at the ridge farm is the bbq chicken with veg and the chicken is lovely however the vegetables are disgusting....the carrots actually taste like theyve been dipped in soap powder i think the food quality isnt what it used to be there but u cant grumble too much for how much it costs i prefer the snowy owl any day xx
  9. i hear theyve already got the decorators in
  10. Is he even in rothbury anymore? Surely they wud have found him by now if he was.... hes not a freakin ninja
  11. i hope they do food Bout time we had another decent place to eat and have a beer in bedlington
  12. So shocking! You can never trust the human mind Very sad news
  13. wish we still had cafes with jukebox's playin the everly brothers now!
  14. Open Mic night every Thursday at the black bull in bedlington! Come gather round people where ever you roam!
  15. Okay thanks Are u able to move this thread or shall i re-post? I'll add it to the calendar!
  16. Hullo folks, Just to let you know that as of this Thursday i will be starting an open mic night at the black bull in bedlington. If you play an instrument or sing or both please feel free to take to the (sort of) stage and give us a tune! If not then just come along and enjoy the music! We have guitars and mics so if u just want to come and sing us something im sure we'll be able to supply the music Hope to see some of u there! Please spread the word Thanks
  17. happy chrimbo fellow bedrock citizens! have a rockin one
  18. im not happy with this hail stoning lark. got pelted right in the eye this morning! then i discovered i had a small hole in my boot so now i have trench foot and have to sit all day at work like this. brrrrrrrrrr!!
  19. i voted lennon.... but then again he wasnt an amazing musician, more of an amazing song writer same goes for dylan and bowie and alot of the other on that list for me tho... i'd say hendrix... and waters/gilmour are probably the best musicians from that list there
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