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  1. It seems Barry Elliot has still got the land earmarked for his carehome empire, looks like i will have to look at alternatives.
  2. There are far worse places to live than Bedlington, try Guidepost, yes i have a nice view of the hills but there is a bus stop and about a million OAP's and on this TV show, the crazy people had a choice to live Bedlington/Cramilington or Florida, who in their right mind would stay in Cramlington if they had a chance to live in Florida? CRAZY!
  3. Thanks for all of your comments. I have today tracked down Barry Elliot and have sent him an email and will follow up with a formal letter of enquiry if i do not hear back from him in the next few days. I am going to try my best to get a conversation going with Barry as i dont want this to be another Bedlington Pipe dream that floats away. Will keep you all updated. Chris
  4. Hey Guys, thanks for reading and kick starting this topic, i hadn't realised that there was a snooker club in Bedlington Station, will see if i can find out what it has to offer. Thanks for the snippet Blank, i see that its dated from Jan last year yet its still derelict and waiting for some potential to be injected back into it, does bedlington need a seventh care home? the place seems like its going to be brimming with care homes before long. lol
  5. Hello Bedlington, Does anyone know what is happening to the Old Ford Garage? I am thinking about contacting the owners to see if it would be possible to buy the property. It has been empty now for ages and it seems like such a shame for it just to sit there until it falls down. I was thinking of re-fitting the inside and making it into a themed pool hall, i know how popular and important the pool league in Bedlington is, and although most pubs have a pool table in them, i think it would be a great opportunity as a leisure facility for everyone in Bedlington as well as people who want to keep ahead of the game and get in that extra practice for the league. If this was to go ahead i would look at serving hot food and soft drinks and alcohol. I would also like to get SKY installed so we could show the football etc and also a good music system where we can play the latest from the charts and also play music from local artists. So what do you think Bedlington? i am interested to hear anyone's views on this, let me know if you think its worthwhile or what you would facilities you would like if this was to go ahead, etc.
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