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  1. here here... here here!! im sure i can give it a good poke about the place
  2. An acoustic Magic night will be held at Bubbles in Ashington on Sunday with various Acoustic acts supporting Tom Hingley the front man from the band Inspiral Carperts .. Sets will be from Shagpile, Clear Blue Skies and the Elles.. £5.00 on the door or limited tickets available from jason on 07944492291. Check www.acoustic-magic.com for more details.
  3. i love local radio and what better place to have a new one? i recently did inerviews and live songs for 2 community radio stations.. ne1fm and my favourute being lionheart up at alnwick.. and since never stopped listening to paul sucksmiths show up there.. he manages to grab lots of live musicians in the studio too .. so looking forward to see how bedlington radio will turn out Good Luck with it all ..
  4. live music would be great. ive managed to do a couple of live gigs solo in the marketplace in morpeth on an afternooon acoustically with a pa provided by the promoters and its great to play for a couple of hours while people come and go and sit around with there chips n stuff!! Totally different gig to plaing in a rowdy bar .. lol
  5. Great stuff andy and looking forward to getting involved in ya project.. Loving the time lapse too..
  6. well for me personally the tavern wont be a miss.. used to have some canny nights with the live music but that went down hill.. just another place i dont step foot in to shut there doors.. bedlington street is completely dead as far as bars are concerned...!!
  7. We had a gig at Hoko 10 in town last night.. there was 5 bands on and the last band was brilliant. local lads too ... illustrators .. if you get a chance to catch them live go for it.. great show!!
  8. at bedlington?? not heard anything!
  9. thats the plan.. yje quay through the day then off to the central for 7.. and be absolutely wasted before we play at 10ish.. wooooooooohooo bring on the weekend of rock i say!!
  10. oh and i didnt no till yesterday.. but the christmas cracker next saturday night at the central ,ashington... theres 5 bands on .. jake bullit been one .. and we are playing too!! ... jake bullit has took the place of a band that dropped out.. so for an evening of jumpy punky band tunes.. and lots of christmas alchol antics.. be at the central on the 20th.. £4 in i think..
  11. oooh i font no like.. dont think its eva been done before.. eva.. eva..
  12. must have been about 7 hours ago now .. and still dwinkin "hic" should record it again now and see how it sounds compared..lmfao!!
  13. Heres one for yas.. me nd wor stevie having a few cans this afternoon and recorded this about 30 mins ago.. have fun and ......MERRY FRICKIN CHRIMBO!!! http://www.shagpile.org/music/merry.mp3
  14. a !*!@# !! ?????? im sure i tried one of those the smornin..hahahah sorry.. had to slip that in there!!
  15. ahh yeah .. jake bullits good crack.. definately a band to catch out and about.. il be at the academy wuth the nuttas taking some shots for them on monday... and also weve got jake bullit supporting us at the steamboat in january... my bands called "Stolen Tom" .. if ya get a chance.. get down ..have a beer.. and watch the actics evolve..hahahah
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