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  1. As the title says, when is the switching on event?
  2. It's a nice path and I use it regularly, only thing I'd say is it needs the vegetation cut back a bit near the top where it first enters the trees as the path is now very narrow due to the overgrown plants etc
  3. spacemen came traveling: ho ho !*!@# ho what a crock of s**t: Rudolf the brown nosed reindeer: Santa clause you !*!@# where's my !*!@# bike: oh and the Alexandra one... Hallelujah
  4. woh woh woh you never heard the start of it... whats wrong with you people, I am not big headed, AND never was, if people like me they like me.... if they dont they dont!!!
  5. well the most popular post has been removed, and now the post asking why my post was removed has been removed and I bet it wont be long until this one is removed!
  6. the most popular thread has gone??!! why??
  7. actually rachi I do remember!! you used to on the net during your lunch break if I remember rightly Glad you come back because of wittle ole me First the forum, then the net. Then the entire world muah ha ha muah ha ha oh was i typing out load?!!?
  8. lol cympil... ok guess I just got my defenses up!! and BL stop stamping your feet.... you said I was being vain so I just threw it back at ya! nothing aginst you but you know I can't have you saying stuff 'bout me with nothing to back it up... if you dont do it I won't do it
  9. Just thought you where jumping on the 'lets try and get one over Tez' bandwaggon!
  10. cympil simple or what ever you call ya sell...whats your beef with me?
  11. Well if your going to joke know what the joke means and weather it is relevant or not, other wise it isn't really a joke and just a 'VAIN' attempt at being funny.... that being the true meaning and correct context of the word vain by the way
  12. lol was talking to mick2.... but hey yourMJ... that'll explain the sesame street avi lol come here children i have some thing to show you! oh and bedlingtonlass... i don't love myself?!?! and whats vein about correcting some body, they made an incorrect statement and I put it right.. that's not what vein means! LOL Oh was that vein of me to point out you are using the term incorrectly!? LMFAO
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