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  1. The two photo's from Ford Castle, second photo 5th row middle Alan Charlton and I would agree with names entered so far as for the year 1964. I can still hear the peacock's calling out even now they kept me awake every night. Westridge County Secondary School well thats what it say's on me school reports anyway.
  2. Picture 1 is Class 4R1 Summer 1965, Joe Knox, Alan Charlton, Kenny Campell, Lenny Wilson, Maureen Hindhaugh, Yvone Logan, Billy Stoker and if I am sure I could name a few more. Happy Days
  3. Tommy Adamson owned the shop, I always called in there on me way home. His brother was Jimmy Adamson Manager of Burnley about 1964 ? When we played football for the school Tommy always asked how we got on "Brilliant Bloke" As we got older and started to go across the road to the Wharton there was Derek ???????????? who was goal keeper with Sheffield Wednesday anyone know his surname please he would take us Sunday mornings training on the beach at Blyth another "Brilliant Bloke"
  4. No No No It was Danny Douglas who handed out the punishment. Stand on the red square boy bend over and you got 3 of the best with the cricket bat. It was a regular weekly event, no wonder I have two hip replacements. Ha Ha
  5. I recently returned to Bedlington on my annual pilgrimage "Back Home" and as always visited the family grave. After a walk around the Church I was shocked at the state of the grave yard and surrounding area. Does anyone know why the Church has slipped into this state and has anyone any comments to add.
  6. I am thinking of the front street, just down from the council offices. The fruit and veg shop, just to the side is a cut you walked down to the allotments on the way down was a small brick building inside there was an open fire with a big pot on the boil with hams inside. Me grandad Charlton had an allotment down there we would spend hours during the school holidays. Ted Hay he had pigs down at Hartford, when we lived in the Camps I can remember goin to see them and looking through that big window at the chicks hatching under the heat lamps. HAPPY DAYS AH
  7. Some where at the back of Barnes shop, where you could get to the allotments was a brick building inside was were they boiled the hams. I remember going there with me grandad he would sit for hours talking to the old guy who looked after the hams. Anyone else remember this and can maybe add somemore to jog me memory
  8. Hi Ya Shirley 1957, when ever I stayed at my grandad parents house I would go over and to the Muters house me and the lads would knock round together. My grandad parents lived in the one of the two houses opposite on the junction facing up to bedlington. I am trying to remember the house (I was only 7 at the time) There used to be a wooden gate at the front, then up the drive I was only allowed into the kitchen at the back on account of me being a snotty nosed little tyck from over the road. Was there anything specific you wanted to know ??????????
  9. There were 3 camps, known would you guess as No1, No2 and No3 camp, each camp was made up of about 50/60 houses they streched from where the Park Information centre is now following the road all the way toward netherton about 150 /200 houses there was a garage and other amenities. There was a regular bus to and from Bedlington for shops and school for me. The best thing about the camps it was a great place to live and a happy community, unfortunatly these were pulled down in 1957 and people were scattered around bedlington.
  10. Behind the high dive was a filter bed, and it looks like who ever took the photo was standing on top of the lads changing rooms. That place used to be heaving during the summer. If I remember right the record for the most lengths was about a hundred, a lad called Stash, big lad right muscelly. Week ends we would go up the river swimming to the wear, the fishin was good n'all
  11. Sorry Symptoms, wrong surname, I did know a lad called talc he lived on meadowdale crescent. Me brother is younger than me and not one of the feds
  12. Cann't remember it being a tuck shop, it was like a hot house we used to chat up the lasses in there. Sure I can remember the dam and swimming in there brilliant!! It was 1964 - 66 when I used to go it was always packed even if it was raining the baths was a great place to hang round.
  13. Anybody remember Hartford Camps?, Or Like me lived there, we lived at 54 Netherton Moor, that No1 camp, as you drove in from the main road the garage was straight in front of you we lived on the left proberbly just where the Information centre is now. More Happy days.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Just remembered it was Wilf Marley, Wilf worked for the council and yes I believe you are right they still live in that house. I visited about 4/5 years ago. Mr Marley the school teacher was at St Cuthberts infants school (I think ?) I remember the name I was there in 1956 -58 before going to Whitley Memorial. Going back the swimming baths I believe it was 5/- (shillings) for a season ticket Anyone remember the big building at the front of the baths what was that used for??????
  15. I can'nt remember how much it was to get in ? I can remember Ralph Marley he used to look after the baths! We used to dive off the girls changing cubicles into the deep end as a dare. Ralph would shout at us. Another dare was to swim the filter bed all good stuff.
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