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  1. Here is the map clearly showing it. It is in the bottom left corner and I have included the market place and proof of its location. Look for the words wilson's yard ( as quoted in previous posts). you can also view this pic in my gallery. oakeyboy
  2. oakeyboy


    Evidence of workhouse in Bedlington.
  3. From the 1860 map the workhouse was clearly on the Front Street. You can clearly see the rooms in the courtyard (wilson's yard). will try to upload picture of map. Keep it coming! oakeyboy
  4. I have so far gathered from a map from 1860 the position of the workhouse. It clearly shows the eight dwellings Vic has mentioned. I am not sure however at this moment in time whether it was the WORKHOUSE demolished to make way for the council offices. Is there a difference between the workhouse and bedlington old hall? Perhaps someone could enlighten me on this matter. If anyone would like to see what I mean then please go to http://communities.northumberland.gov.uk. In my last post I made a typing error in the wesite address so sorry. If you enter the site and click on bedlington then ordnan
  5. I thought that aswell but I haven't been able to find any evidence to show that there was one. Have searched the internet and could find ones in Morpeth, rothbury and Bellingham but not in Bedlington. I have also tried looking at http://communities.northumberland.org.uk but still nothing. I would be quite interested to know if anyone knew where I could find some info. Thank You, oakeyboy
  6. Was there ever a workhouse or something similar in bedlington?
  7. I've had a tour and demonstration on what is going to happen and it's goingt o be GREAT! Once completed, the market place will look revitalised and could even feature entertainment such as live music.
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