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  1. It's going to be worth the wait!
  2. So, what's the latest news?
  3. Have you been granted a full license now then? Does that mean the other stations weren't granted their licenses?
  4. They've been working inside for the last three weeks. Don't know why it took them so long to get started though. they bought it at the start of June from our landlord!
  5. The workman I spoke to said they're on schedule and it will be finished end of september.
  6. Getting fed up with post being tampered with and items stolen. Anyone else having the same problem? As for the police? Useless. No interest apart from wanting to remove me from the sorting office at Ashington. Not interested in the theft. Bunch of cocks!
  7. How about an outdoor music festival in the summer?
  8. Anyone else getting fed up of the death metal bands on a sunday night? Complained to Environmental Services at WDC, they can't do anything and passed it on to Licensing who also can't do anything. Any ideas what to do other than torching the place?!
  9. Was the 'Nail' not where the council of the time would have collected taxes from the market traders? Hence the term 'Paying on the nail'!
  10. Anyone else getting pissed off with the noise of bands in the Red Lion at weekends?
  11. Alistair Baker from Northumbrian Water admitted that the leaks had taken them by surprise and that they were still speculating about the cause. He said: "We think it was down to the dry weather, which caused ground movement. Water pressure "It's unusual to get one burst, let alone three, but when the supply is interrupted in one place, water is put into the system from other sources. This puts the pipes under stress, and could be the cause of the subsequent leaks. "Some customers may experience low water pressure or discoloured water while we get the system back to normal. It's not harmful, but obviously we're trying to rectify that as quickly as possible." After 24 hours without water, domestic customers are entitled to £20 compensation per day, while businesses can claim £60, according to Northumbrian Water. Anyone who believes they are entitled to more can apply in writing to the company, which will then deal with claims on an individual basis. Courtesy of the BBC
  12. I don't know...... you try to ask a sensible question.......
  13. That's just one room of it! The rest of the building is the base for a theatre production company. I'm just interested to know how the building has evolved because there are some strange old bits of brickwork, especially on the inside of the courtyard, that would suggest it started off a lot smaller and had bits added over the years.
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