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  1. Sierra Delta

    Puddler's Raa[Row]

  2. Sierra Delta

    Miller Homes

    There were about 15 - 20 people attending when we turned up at 5pm to register our concerns.
  3. Sierra Delta

    Where And When?

    The houses in the photo are at the top of the Atlee Park bank on the right hand side on the way into Bedlington
  4. Sierra Delta

    Synergy Fm

    I have been listening in today. Great work. Well done everyone.
  5. Sierra Delta


    Arkles lived doon Alexander Raa too. I think that they were the last to leave before it was pulled doon.
  6. Sierra Delta


    My dad lived in Alexander Row and his family were one of the last to move out. He used to tell me many a story from the 'Raas'. Times were hard back then but he used to say that he had spent some of the happiest times of his life at Barnton. I have enjoyed reading your postings. Thank you
  7. Sierra Delta

    Community Times?

    didn't think much of the booklet but the Bedlington Terrier on the front cover made me smile!
  8. Sierra Delta

    The word association game

  9. Sierra Delta

    The word association game