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  1. Nice one Charlie, you're right! Tommy was a bit of a character if i remember right and Prism weren't that bad.
  2. Canon 7D....mint! Finally decided to splash out after years of saving! Lets try and figure out how to use it now!
  3. I know i'm going back a few years here but can anybody tell me the name of the resident band at the Top Club many moons ago? I used to collect glasses there at the time and apart from the guest acts, there was always a resident band on every weekend. Got to be looking at about 1980? I think the "Compere" at the time was a great guy called "Tommy"?
  4. And here's me thinking i was going to vote on the best pint! Yorkshire Tea for me!
  5. Your carefully chosen words have not gone unnoticed TPurvis! Let us correct you on a few matters! I know fine well where you live, just as you took the liberty of zooming in on our property on Google as you mentioned, we also checked things out! The power of the Internet eh? 1) All the kids' Snowmen in the entire cul-de-sac were knocked over causing a lot of distress to all of our children on what should have been a very happy New Years Day. I've talked to 2 other neighbours who would have liked to "get our hands on them"! One of these neighbours has also been victims of anti-social behaviour
  6. Fell for it too! Had me worried there!
  7. As far as we're concerned, the matter IS closed thanks. There has been no problems at our door since one of the kids has received a behaviour order(not quite an ASBO) and the police visited another one and warned his parents! We don't wish to listen to some "other story" that some of the other kids have told their parents, as do you honestly believe they'll tell it as it is? As i know their names, you are not the parent of those that the police have reprimanded but i do know the names of the larger group and a simple check informs me they are friends of those involved. This does not mean they
  8. Hi Wonky! Cheers mate but it's just me venting a bit anger here!(thanks for the offer though! ) Thought it might have gone a bit quiet because of the bad weather but it all kicked off again on New Years Day and last night too. New Years Day (approx 6:45pm) Spent a wonderful afternoon with the kids building a snowman on the front garden for my 3yr old daughter to discover the head had been knocked off at 6:45. Went out and put it back on to stop her crying(and believe me, she can certainly cry!). Told her to look out the window to see it up again, only to see 4 kids(approx 13-16yrs) running aw
  9. Well, that's it.....going to rip their !*!@# heads off now if i get hold of them !!!! Even got a name this time! Anybody else up for a bit of scum bashing?
  10. Hope you all had a great Xmas and all the best for 2010 to you all !!! Jester
  11. Jester

    Windows 7

    Gutted...!!! Been looking at a Dell laptop with Windows 7 and the spec i needed(wanted ) in one of those leaflets that falls out of a magazine when you turn it upside down. Well, it wasn't until i tried to order it online and realised the offer ended 18th November! It's now almost double the price! Needless to say, i did a speedy exit from the order process! Dell obviously cashing in on the Xmas surge in orders...Bah Humbug! Need it fairly fast but you think i should wait until Dell decides to release the New Year offers?....those crafty bu*****!
  12. Jester

    Windows 7

    I need to buy a new laptop and was wondering if anybody has used Windows 7 for any length of time yet? Using a Dell Inspiron 9400 at the moment with XP Media Centre Edition and after 5 years, it's now acting up big-time(hard disk/memory/parity check errors etc, resulting in the BSOD on a regular basis), so i thought the kids could have it to themselves and treat myself for Xmas. Never upgraded to Vista(thank God)so Windows 7 would be a totally new experience for me. Considered going for a Mac but totally priced myself out them! Anybody using it now? First impressions? I know that there has alr
  13. Just a quick thanks for the comments from you all on this thread! I believe there has been a few talks at Benny's by the police and "usual suspects" talked to since i originally posted, so it's been fairly quiet around here. The weather has probably got something to do with keeping the scum indoors! Fingers crossed folks and in the meantime, i'm going to enjoy the peace while it lasts! It's going to be a busy time leading up to Xmas for me, so if i don't get the chance before hand, i'd like to thank you and wish you all a Merry Xmas !!! Enjoy!!
  14. Cheers everybody! Got a few PM's and some good advice too.
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