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  1. He never mentioned Bedlington at all - Ashington, Blyth, Cramlington.
  2. Isn't Ashianas a bit further down the block, more to the right of the entrance to Foggans Yard. I think the TSB is on the corner where the fish shop was.
  3. And now the children's wooden summer house has been burnt down at the Whitley memorial first school. How disgusting is that. The ones responsible need catching and stringing up. Why target small children like that? I really have no more words. Sadly it makes me a bit glad I am "ex Bedlingtonian" and I never thought I would say that.
  4. So what age were they to be out at 3 a.m.!
  5. Good luck Malcolm! You know if we were there we would be voting for you!
  6. It does appear that that area is not included in the scheme.
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