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  1. Denzel, there was no need for the language and abuse. Threegee had an opinion, and obviously so do you, but that doesn't mean you need to go on a personal tirade for someone not agreeing with you on the matter. Topic closed
  2. Just out of interest, which router are you using? Is it the Orange Livebox or something else?
  3. With the plugin, yes. That's available for download off the same site. I didn't recommend it purely because it's open source software which is being used on Windoze - pretty much the point that threegee noted - I have had issues with open source stuff in the past and have found that for (forgive the phrase) amateurs, it is usually best to use a bespoke program, despite it having a lack of functionality over Audacity.
  4. Right well I have two options for you in that case - there's the freeware option, and the trial version option if you are willing to spend a bit of money for the right program... The freeware option is about as pretty as Cinderella's sisters - but it's easy enough to use, and the website gives you a few hints in case you're not sure: http://home.hccnet.nl/p.luijer/ The trial version software is approximately $30US and you get 30 days to use the program before you need to buy it. http://www.mymusictools.com/splitter_joine...oiner_26268.htm If you think you'll be doing the cutting quite a bit th
  5. What applications would you like to use it in? Different apps require different formats and bitrates.. I presume you mean you currently have the file as an MP3 on your computer, rather than you want it "edited into MP3"? (Isn't grammar and punctuation wonderful ) Give me a bit more info and I'll point you in the right direction
  6. Yeah speaking from experience the MS training is more about learning to use the OS's themselves - following scripted instructions - than using any kind of technological know-how. So long as you know your bits & bytes, ROM and RAM then pretty much anyone can use it. The problem doesn't lie within the courses themselves, but more the cost of the things - my course cost me £4000 on a set track which has so far taken me through A+, Network+ and MCSA (Part 1 of 3) - if my time doesn't run out, I will be fully MCSA and MCSE qualified. I was lucky enough to have my old employers pay for my course
  7. Suppose this is the part where I say hello.... I'm Nick and I'd like to think I know a thing or two about computers (but not three) so if anyone needs a hand or some advice I should be able to help out where I can (I hope!) Don't worry about the M$ bashing - feel free to do it as much as is required! I may even join in once or twice Nick
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