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  1. yep the village mentality strikes again I have and do walk down the main street and you know exactly who I'm talking about the ones that drop greggs bags on the ground when finished with the one's who spit all over the place etc etc strangely enough they have greggs in morpeth but the people who buy from them seem to have the ability to eat the food and not drop litter on the street
  2. the place you have to start is getting the people who live in the town to want to come in to it and surely the only way to do that is to get rid of the 'inbreds' and the village mentality that surrounds the town . have a walk down the main street day time or night time and what do you see what sort of people are walking around the streets make it safe and comfortable then it will change
  3. I've heard all the rumours but I'll tell you something I'm shocked nobody has mentioned that the money the council put in was not for the front street but for all the starving children in africa also that the landlord and landlady were abducted by aliens and they are going to take over every pub in Bedlington and turn the drinkers into brainless morons and I've just been into a few of them tonight and I can see the aliens plan is working
  4. Hi Being new to all this I'm a bit confused But has Monsta been Barred from the Tavern or am i mistaken
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