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  1. I have heard a few rumours about the place but nothing more than that. An Indian restaurant was mentioned and also a sainsburys local. As for it becoming a Toby carvery, was it not a Toby years ago anyway? Didn't think it would be allowed to be a mosque due to the fact that pork had been there?
  2. thanks everyone, Eggy- I would rather learn to do it myself via you tube videos, than trust any advice from Bernicia. The amount of problems I had after they 'improved' my house was laughable! Reedy- my other half knows Eddie well, so I might get him to have a word, even if it is just for advice. Maggie- I would keep it if it was on the side of the house but it takes up half my garden, and is in such bad condition it is bordering on dangerous. So its the first thing to go when I get the chance. Even if I got someone to disconnect the leccy and water supply and take the roof off I would probably be able to pull the rest down myself. The wheelie bin once fell over in the high winds and knocked some of the bricks out of it, so that tells you how safe it is!
  3. Hi guys. I am in the process of buying my house from bernicia and the first thing I plan on doing is having the old outhouse flattened. My house is the middle one of a terrace of 3, so my outhouse isnt attatched to the house in any way but stands alone in the middle of my garden. It has cold running water and electricity in it but just a basic feed from the main house. Would any of you know a local company that would safely demolish it for me and remove the rubbish and the approximate cost of this? Thanks
  4. Eggy, they didnt bother to rebuild them after they pulled the houses down, but they did provide the tenents with wooden sheds for storage instead.
  5. I make these and they come out great if you cook them in a slow cooker all day. Just put it in a ceramic pudding basin and cover the top with greased foil tie string around it leaving room for the pud to expand at the top. put in slow cooker with 2 inches of water in the bottom. takes 4 hours or can be left longer, so you can switch on and go to work knowing it will be ready for you getting in.
  6. Just walked the mutt through Bedlington woods and had a great time trying out the new exercise stuff they have put there. Not often we get stuff like this but well pleased with it. Might get some photos later. Lets just hope the local hobos dont wreck it this time. (heres hoping).
  7. Is this the same 'conservation area' as the church hall 2 doors down from there, as that has been dealt with so quickly and is not in any way an eyesore is it?
  8. thanks Vic. Thats where i thought it was. But when you try to find the info on google it says they are plessey woods! remember them from when my Dad used to take us as kids and want to carry on the tradition with mine. x
  9. Can someone settle a debate for me regarding the Bedlington woods. If someone said to you 'Bluebell woods' where in Bedlington would you think they were refering to? Is it Plessey country park or is it the 'other' side of humford across the square stepping stones?
  10. This has just been taken over by Tinos deli. The same people that have the little deli shop opposite the boulmersund club! they make all their own bread and I can highly reccommend them. I know that they grow a lot of the veg and stuff themselves in an allotment to so its always as fresh as you can get. x
  11. Can anyone shed some light on the work going on at the old elliots garage site? Someone told me that there is going to be a old folks home built there, then someone else told me that the planning permission for that fell through. I have searched the council websites for info but they havent come up with much as yet. If it is going to be a residential home, which company is it for? I can find the name of the building contractors but not the actual company who they are building it for ( if they are building anything at all!) Any info would be very much appriciated.
  12. As I have noticed the shop at Boumersund mentioned in the 'ham sandwich' debate as being the best place for fresh bread, thought you all might like to know the same people - Tino and Jackie - have just opened Tinos deli on Bedlington front street and you can get the freshly made bread there. Directly opposite the 'church apartments' that are next to council offices. (used to be the hearing aid shop!)
  13. Just found this discussion and sad to say I am appalled at the lot of you! Mustard/apple sauce/pickle?????? Not once has anyone even mentioned the one thing that every Bedlington resident should be proud to put on a ham sarnie and that is good old Pease pud!
  14. I find the best way to make them is in a slow cooker. Just cook them in a pudding basin, pyrex dish, or mixing bowl standing in water and let it steam all day. I make mine in the morning before i go to work and let it cook while I am out. Great to come home to after a long shift.
  15. Just wondered if any of you have stumbled across www.thevegboxcompany.co.uk yet. They are a fairly new company set up in Bedlington that delivers a selection of fruit , veg and eggs to your door on a regular basis. Its all in season stuff and is quite reasonable prices. I have not tried them myself yet due to the fact I couldn't be in when they deliver (saturdays) but the comments they are getting on facebook about their service is really good. If anyone has had stuff from them please let the rest of us know what they are like. thanks. x
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