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  1. IT seems to have been a long time coming, but work is finally beginning on the £32m redevelopnment of Morpeth town centre. See video! http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/audio-video...ture.4331020.jp
  2. SUPERMARKET giant Tesco has announced plans to come to Morpeth. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Trader...peth.4381449.jp
  3. A YOUNG schoolgirl is facing further turmoil after falling on a dirty needle three months ago. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Morpet...goes.4365764.jp
  4. FORGET the Angel of the North, the merry men of Castle Morpeth may soon have their own icon — Robin of Pegswood. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Behold...wood.4249436.jp
  5. THREE Castle Morpeth post offices have been earmarked for closure, with four others set for replacement with an outreach service. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Post-O...sure.4239229.jp
  6. THE County Council's Executive has decided to scrap post-16 home to school transport charges for pupils in Northumberland. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Northu...rges.4231553.jp
  7. PARISHES are drawing up the battle lines as they prepare to fight for under threat post offices. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Fighti...Post.4223945.jp
  8. WORRIED wildlife workers have sounded the alarm as Castle Morpeth's animals fall prey to the credit crunch. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Wildli...ch39.4223966.jp
  9. WORSHIPPERS will say it with flowers as they celebrate 100 years of a village chapel. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Pegswo...wers.4200373.jp
  10. FORMER choir girl Nancy Portlock took centre stage once more as she celebrated her 100th birthday. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Nancy3...g-at.4200368.jp
  11. ON Saturday the 'Ashington Future' became the first passenger train to run to the town in more than 40 years when it departed from Morpeth Station. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Passen...line.4165602.jp
  12. WORK is imminent to rebuild Morpeth's shopping mall. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Work-s...h-on.4153664.jp
  13. THE sun shone on thousands of fair-goers in Morpeth on Sunday, as the town celebrated a successful Fair Day. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Sun-sh...cked.4175853.jp
  14. COAL site colleagues have enjoyed an unexpected reunion to say Auf Wiedersehen Pet to an old pal. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Auf--W...-Ace.4061483.jp
  15. A STOBHILL schoolgirl is facing an agonising three-month wait for blood tests after falling on a used hypodermic needle. http://www.morpethherald.co.uk/news/Nightm...edle.4060928.jp
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