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  1. Special - as in a place where I go to remember my late Grandfather, Someone who meant a great deal to me in my life. So it would be fair to say I do not appreciate the light-hearted/perverted attitude of others when my initial request for photos. Thank You.. BW
  2. No - Unlike this guy/gal - I can get my but off the sofa to enjoy beauty
  3. I would welcome any pictures of the stepping stones - they hold a VERY special meaning to me. Thanks. BW
  4. Has anyone got any photo's of Humford woods that they would be willing to share, in particular photo's of the stepping stones taken from below the park? Are there are any budding digital photographers who wouldn't mind taking a quick snap sometime They are for personal use only, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi Strongbow. I think there is a posting that will interest you in the "Talk of the Town" forum The topic title is "Ken Russell in the market place club!" (it should be at the bottem of the first page of topics) Scroll down to posting number 6 by Swalnalla and click on the here link. There are quite a few videos of the 1960 picnic among some old footage. I am having my relatives delve through there old albums and let you know if I come up with anything. BW.
  6. Hi John. Wow! what a way to meet up with someone again Me - I'm doing good thank you - how about yourself? As I mentioned, I've just returned to the UK after living in the USA for a long time and I'm living in Grimsby/Cleethorpes for just now. Maybe one day I'll really make it home for good, who knows. I stumbled on this sight trying to help a relative find some old school friends - and look what happens Maybe we can chat about old times - old friends etc. Until then take care my friend. Sincere Regards.
  7. Inadequate my bad - I'm one of those 'phonetically impaired' typists
  8. Okay. It might not be the brightest thing to do, but my Name is Bill W.. and if I may could I ask for your name? or can I take a guess at who you are? From you nickname I could deduce an old friend who, at one time shared an interest in motorcycles. Ah! come on tell me who you are.
  9. Why Sir..... I'm at a loss as to your implication of an inadequate education - perhaps it was some American syntax that unknowingly found it's way into my vocab... Tks for putting me right though.
  10. Hi fellow terriers (and guests) I've just returned to the UK after living in the USA for a long time and was wondering if there are any members from the old nieghbourhood. (I'm still a terrier at heart and always will be and proud of it) I was born and raised in #31 Millfield North, in 1959, and lived there most of my adult life or was a regular visitor before moving away in 1999. I'm currently living in Grimsby and would love to contact old friends and nieghbours. I would also like to contact anyone who graduated Bedlington High in the summer of 1976. Any Information would be greatly appreciated. Go Terriers.
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