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  1. Well that ones not in Bedlington though is it. But I've never been meself even though it's just doon the road. Might try it oot one o these days though. Wanna come. ???
  2. think people are just winding you up on that one like. nothing unusual for here.
  3. Is it just me or is freezin in Netto's these day. or is it haunted or something.
  4. justme


    http://www.talktofrank.com/drugs.aspx?id=166 Why do we drink. & more so why do we just keep on going when we've had enough. we do things we don't mean. or making a complete fool of ourselves. we wake up feeling dreadful. But mostly we have a good laugh. So come on whats your views on the matter.?????
  5. oh no me metal slide just fell out now. bumma
  6. its an inspiron . 1520 but thanks very much. I'll give it a go.
  7. a said a feel thick not I am thick. cheeky monkey.
  8. aye well. you were right & me thinks they were wrong. Unsoicable b's. The word on the street is as follows. Got to be init to winit http://www.telegraph.co.uk/digitallife/mai...0/dlface110.xml
  9. aye a totally get where ya comin from m8. Clever clogs. These blokes think just coz am a woman they feel the need to write in brail to make me understand. Or is it just they want to show off. well sexist p's or should I not call them that nowadays for fear of being sued for racism. lol. Well what the heck am havin a laugh anyway. only jokin. appreciate the help really.
  10. yip I've already tried that. Didn't work. I think its capoot. oh dear. looks like it needs to go into the shop. more expense Any way this is what mine looks like. If its any help. computer.doc
  11. by the way the littlen ripped the draw out one day. Well not totally out like if you know what I mean. so would that have made a difference.
  12. eh. lol. well I'll give it a go but like eh ?????????????????????
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