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  1. Had a ride down the front street Friday night, the lights look fantastic, it's the best display I have seen in Bedlington. Well done to thoes involved in putting this together. Just one question, are the lights on the trees white or blue. They looked blue to me but my wife insisted they were white?


    Also went down the station, not may lights there but the beer was good in the club.

  2. I was in Amble last week and the harbour area looks fantastic with the new pods. Heading from Warkworth towards Amble has always been something special as the view across the marina and into Amble harbour is fantastic.

  3. Never knew Derick Ruddy.

    Owen Humble - my mam's cousin. Amateur photographer but unfortunately only have a few of our family photos taken by Owen. on Owen's death his immediate relatives stripped his house of all belongings so any photos of the YMCA, where he praticed a lot of his work, were discarded.

    Yes, Owen did take a lot of photographs, there was a darkroom on the right hand side of the corridor as you entered the YM. Owen and a few others use to use it, they also has photographic lights that they used for indoor photography.

  4. Eggy1948, John Bygate was the second leader in the new building, the first was Derick Ruddy. You mention the name Humble in your post, Owen Humble was a regular at the YM.


    Reedy, there is one picture in particular that we are trying to find it was one showing the wooden letters (YMCA) that were on the front of the building, two friends of mine made them and the Blyth News took a photo of them before they were put on the front of the building. I have tried to find photos of the YM on the net but not had any luck. Thanks for the charity link.

  5. You mean there are more than one Pete?


    Yes CL, there was the old stone building, that was replaced by the building that we knew wood/brick but cant remember when the new building opened (Derick Ruddy Time) Possibly late 50s or early 60s.


    The reason I am asking is because a group of friends and myself were trying to find photos of the YM. We know that The Blyth News took Photos of the building and of some of the events that were held there. The problem is The Blyth News no longer exists but the Blyth News archives are held at Blyth library, problem is the archives are so vast that the advice from the library is that we would need specific dates to locate the information we need.

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