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  1. 12 hours ago, Monsta® said:

    Bollicks what a crock of s**t it's just blatant discrimination 

    Totally agree Monsta, but as Orloff's wife says it would have been passed as legal,still discimination though. Strange how things are considered to be ok and legal just look at the failed w***** oops bankers that failed but legally still got big bonnesses.

  2. There is a Coach Road mentioned in this PDF


    The plan shows new and intensive residential development for industrial workers
    off Front Street at each end of the town, most likely related to developments at the iron
    works and at the new Bedlington „A‟ Pit which opened in 1838, only 5 years before the
    map was drawn. Workers terraces and Methodist chapels in Coach Road, Chapel Row
    and Walker Terrace were built by the owners of the iron works in the early 1800s,
    surprisingly close to their own mansions.



  3.  It caused no problems on my pc though.

    It was just an article from the Activist Post site with the following title...

    Article Claims Elite Plan To Escape To Mars, Leave 99% Of Us On "Dying, Warring Planetâ€

    Same here, followed the link, no alarm bell eveything was fine

  4. Or was it just a good drop of the old ale. Slightley off topic but I remember many, many years ago, one new years day seeing men dressed in black clokes and pointed black hats with daggers in thier hand. even when I closed my eyes they were still there and they kept comming at me. I was glad when I woke up the next morning and they had gone.

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