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  1. Two more names come to mind, one was Danny Peary, If I remeber correctly he left Bedlington Mechanics to play for Crook Town he was there when Crook Town won the FA Amature Cup final at Wembly and returned to Bedlington shortly afterwards. Another name, although I am not sure how to speel it, was Matty Fernoney ( Fernoney, probably spelt incorrectly) Late fifties early sixties.

  2. 1 hour ago, Ovalteeny said:

    Thanks 4G for the correct spelling of Millne


    Thanks Pete for your recollection. The name Bob Fulbeck rings a bell, big centre half. I think he was from Ashington as I remember he would be picked up on our way to Amble or Alnwick by Dixon Jordan who was the main driver for his own coach company on away match days.

    Someone else on Face book has recalled the name Heslop.

    My brother remembers a match at The Station Welfare against Newcastle United Reserves (or A team) in a County Cup Semi Final, where he went straight after school and he thinks that Frank Clark was playing for the black & whites


    Yes Jordans coaches did the away matches I remeber going to alot of them. Bob Fulbeck may have come from Bebside or Cowpen, not sure. I think Heslops name was Ronnie.

    I do'nt remeber a game between Newcastle united reserves but Newcastle United A team had a team in the same leauge as Bedlington Mechanics, Northern Alliance

  3. I used to watch the Bedlington Mechanics Play when they played at Millne Park, they where defenitly there in the fifties but I remember watching them play a cup game against Ashington and I was still at school then. I left school in 1961. The cup game against Ashington was played at the Station Park next to the Grammer school, so they had moved from Millne Park by that date. The reason I remeber that game so well was becasuse one of the teachers at school was from Ashington and I remember telling him that Bedlington would win it easily, sadly Ashington won.


    I think one of the players was called heslop who was a local lad. Bedlington had a big centre half at that time his name was Bob Fulbeck but I do not think he was a Bedlington lad.


    Bedlington Mechanics also played Blackpool Mechanics in a pre season friendly this was somtime in the fifties can't remeber what year but I remeber watching it.

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  4. This might sound like a daft question but as I no longer live in Bedlington can anyone tell me where the public toilets are, even the closed ones?

    I was in Bedlington about four weeks ago and even the public toilets that stood in the Tesco car park oppisit the Monkey had gone. The public toilet that stood outside the Market Place Club has been gone for years, so is there any public toilets left in Bedlington?


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