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  1. Back to the smoking debate, I tottaly agree with idea of good extraction in bars ( I am a smoker ) or bring back the Snug/smoke room. Non-smokers have more choise of places to go,so keep out of Pubs, where known smokes ( makes us sound like crims ) go or let them stand out side with their lovely fresh air :P

    I can understand people that don't smoke wanting a smoking ban as smoking is harnfull but as a smoker myself I get XXXXX off (dont want to use swear words) by people who tell me that I should not smoke.

    I listened to a program on the local radio tonight (not radio Newcastle) and the commentator said that all smokers agree that it would help them to stop smoking if there was a total ban on smoking, well I totaly dissagree with his comments, I smoke because I want to smoke.

    Many times I have noticed cars parked with their engins running pumping toxic smoke into the air while their owners have just niped into the shop, (I am not reffering to Bedlington) but never hear anyone complain about that, bus stations with bus engines running, thick diesel fumes in the air nobody complains about that. I have never heard the Goverment complain about the amount of tax they take from the smokers.

    All people have rights, smokers and none smokers.

  2. i was sitting in the cafeteria of my pennymaking experience the other day and we started a conversation about this very subject, the results were....boring to be honest, but still had a theme...

    mainly their were difforent paths youths take in their experience of alcohol.

    mine, as with most others in the conversation, went like this:

    age 13: pinching the odd can of lager, then sprawling about the local 'hangout' exclaiming 'am mortal me like how' and being an !*!@# .

    age 15: the cider age. bottles of white lightening, old english (if you had a few quid), woodpecker and blackthorn each weekend, 20-20 if you could get it!

    age 16-17: vodka, starting with a quarter bottle, but swiftly moving up to 70cl.(mostly throwing up 50cl before you get home)

    age 17-18 out in bars, getting refused, drinking pints of lager (5 got you mortal)

    age 19+: starting with lager, moving on to spirits aroung 9.30-10pm. pizza or chips on way home, maybe a kabab

    age 25: and this is where i differ: guinness, mainly mixed with cider if out for a pissup, lager if out with the squeeze.

    age 28: considering moving to john smiths/ale. cheeper and less of a hangover

    anyone else follow this pattern?

    I didn't follow the path you took but I do recall the first time I had a pint it was in the Clayton I had a pint of Charingtons bitter it cost one and thrupence in the old money, I was nearly eighteen then. It was Fedaration bitter in the clubs and Vauxes in the Railway most of the other pubs sold Newcastle ordinary or exibition, I think the Monkey was a Charingtons pub then. dont remember any larger in those days except Carling Black label which as I recall was considered a ladies drink.

    Did have a Cider phase it was a bit like drinking pop but it had a kick. Ah the magic Newcastle exibition made me do things I would not have done without a pint of the lovely stuff, wake up the next morning just wanting to forget what I did the night before.

    I stick to Guinness these days, love the stuff.


  3. Over my life I have been a :

    Non smoker



    Now an occasional cigar smoker

    I have always chosen what I do. I choose where I go and have a pint. I choose everything in my life.

    Everyone else can choose too.

    If a pub is too smokey for an anti-smoker, then that person can go else where etc etc etc.

    It strikes me, like many others, that how we should live is dictated by others. Free society? I think not!

    As for public houses serving food, can some one, some where, please define "food". I often have a bag of nuts with my pint. Does this mean I cant have a Hamlet?

    We recently had a weekend in Dublin, and smoking was widespread, all be it in "beer gardens" which was no more than a 'covered' beer garden (The Temple Bar in the Temple Bar district).

    Let's get real here, a Saturday night, in summer, in Bedlington, even more people will be on the street outside pubs, having a cigarette with their pint. Is that a good thing?

    This is (was?) a free country with choice. Is it going to be in a few years?

    I agree with you Gary, but a lot of the problems could be solved by the breweries if they would put their hands in their pockets and install good extraction fans in their pubs. This would make the enviroment better for none smokers and smokers, after all they charge enough for the beer.


  4. I also believe that during the 1960's it was a venue where popular 'beat combos' of the time would perform their latest. Anyone witness any of these acts?

    Aker Bilk played there in the sixties, must admit I have never heard of him for years.


  5. The Wallaw, originally the Palace, 9d downstairs and 1s 3d upstairs and we got our crisps at the little shop on the corner opposite. Sometimes we even dared to go to the Prince of Wales up there in Bedlington, most times though we went to the billiard hall at the Station, if there was no table available we went to the 'tute behind South Row.

    I did think that it was called the Wallaw at one time, used to have a Tuesday morning matanee 6d to get in.

    The tute, you could get a tab and a match for 2d from the tute when we were kids, if it was cold they had a big roaring fire in there. Moscies billiard hall was a favourite haunt.


  6. I think its much better the way it is now. Me and the lads used to have contests to see how long we could go between visits, I visited most often apparently, my record was 4 years between visits!

    The last time I went there was to the pictures and a think it was called the Wallha then, (not sure if I spelt that right), I remember seeing The Ten Commandments there, it started at six had an intermission at eight and finished about ten.


  7. When I was a kid on the Bank Top in the 1930's the grownups used to call the station Ice Cream Parlour "Rinaldi's" even though it was owned by the Moscardini family. It was one of those places where kids would even wash their faces to go .

    I believe that Rinaldi may have been a previous owner. We had it at the top of any list of "must go" places, though we rarely did, seeing how things were in those days. But the Moscardini's were a great family, friendly, generous with the scoops, and well liked in the neighbourhood.

    That all ended in the Summer of 1940 when Italy entered the war on Germany's side. A bunch of pub yahoos wrecked the place, and the Moscardinis were taken away.

    I don't know what happened to them, or where they went. But we missed them, and after our house burned down in 1943, we had to leave the Bank Top, and I lost touch with a lot of local happenings.

    As for the YMCA, I knew it was there, and lot's of fun for kids I knew, but since we were Catholic we were not allowed to belong to it. Just one of those dumb rules that made life a little less pleasant in those days.

    Moscies did a good cup of expresso coffee and hot vimto, they also had a juke box which was great. It always was full of people every time you went in, spent a lot of time there in the early sixties.

    Used to go in there on a Monday until it was time for the Clayton ballroom dance I think the Monday night dance was called The Teenagers. GREAT TIME.

  8. Hi I am origanly from Bedlington but have lived in Leicester for the past 35 years, still miss the place and still visit.

    Does anyone remember YMCA and Moscies (not sure if I have spelt that correctly) Bedlington station.

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