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  1. Brian,

    its good to hear your on the mend, I was wondering were you had got to as you have not been on for some time but that explains it. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. Will you be having a barbaque on Christmas day:D?


    it sounds like its mighty cold over there so no barbaque for you unfortunately. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. Have you seen many deer this winter?  

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  2. On 09/09/2019 at 19:30, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

    Aad forgot aboot them till ye jogged me memory...they called themselves that name,after the budget "Olympic" drum kit that most of the young groups like us had to start out with..they were a cheap but canny sounding kit,better than old oil drums for sure!

    The Olympics where originally called the Statesmen and changed their name to the Olympics, but as far as I am aware it was not due to the name of a Drum Kit. Memory fails when it comes to things long ago, I cannot remember why they changed their name, perhaps Alan can help? 

  3. On 09/09/2019 at 19:25, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

    Hi Pete,would it have been Billy McGregor..AKA known as "The Elvis Experience",in his earlier days?

    He lost his lovely old Dad ,"Old Billy",who moved into my Mother-in-Law's house when she had to move into a Bungalow..years ago.

    No Bill, it was Bob McGregor. I had a good week last week, stopped at  Cresswell Towers for the week. Met up with a lot of old friends in Bedlington.

  4. 9 hours ago, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

    ..just ti keep ye in touch wi Geordieland/Northumbrian/Bedltn dialect,Pete ,ye spell nivvor,like "nivvor"

    As a said Bill a cud nivor spel propaley :D

    There was a few local groups around at that time, The Avengers as you have already mentioned, The Dynacords and the Olympics to name just three.

    I remember the Avengers and the Olympics used to practice at the YMCA at the station, I think Alan has mentioned that in previous posts.  

    I remember the Dynacords used to practice in the Wharton but I did not see them much, it was good for Bedlington to have so many groups.

    Last time I was in Bedlington (a couple of months ago) I was talking to a friend of yours, Bill, Mr Mcgregor and hopefully will be having a pint with him again in September as we are coming up for the week.  

  5. Mostly Pigeons, but there was only a hand full of allotments there. Entrance was from the cut and they were sandwiched between the gardens of Pioneer Terrace and Waverley  Avenue. I have not been past that area for a lot of years but I think they built houses or flats on that land both sides of the cut.

  6. Quote

    1. Where did the club go after leaving Millne Park? I believe it was Bedlington Station Welfare but cannot confirm it. 



    I would agree with the Station park. I watched them play Ashington in an FA cup preliminary round 1961 at the Station park. reason I remember it as 1961, it was the year I left school. 

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