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  1. Happy Birthday Malcolm hope you have a good day.
  2. Happy Birthday Foxy hope you have a great day.
  3. Sorry to hear of your sad news Vic, will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
  4. Happy Birthday Vic, hope you have a great day. Have you still got the snow?
  5. The shop was there before Bobby took it over but I can not remember the name of the owner. Bobby would have taken it over in the early sixties I think it was him and Raffie Davison that owned the shop at that time but I could be wrong.
  6. Your correct CL it was Jimmy Routledge and the family did live in those houses, South Row I think. My great grand parents on my grandmothers side lived in Shop Row and the gardens were detached from the houses. If you follow Allan's directions to Barrington school (turn right when you get through the Auld pit) you would be walking down Shop Row. The houses were on your left but the road was just a dirt track and the gardens were on your right and they were quite long. That's how I remember it anyway.
  7. Congratulations a job well done
  8. Happy Australia day to you Brian, will you be having a couple of beers?
  9. It was a strange co-incident Bill because we had intended to go to Morpeth, but when we got there the main street was close owing to some sort of festival. That's how we ended up down the woods for a walk. Anyhow it was great to meet you and your wife and of course not forgetting Jesse. Perhaps we will have another chance meeting in the future but Corvid is the big sticking point at the moment, I have not been able to visit good old Bedlington for over a year now as Leicester seems to be stuck in a permanent lockdown. Take care and keep safe.
  10. Happy Birthday CL, hope you have a great day.
  11. Happy New Year to all.
  12. Have a great Christmas all and hopefully we see the end of corvid in 2021
  13. Well your secrets out, Happy Birthday hope you have a great day
  14. Happy Birthday Andy, Have a great day.
  15. Hi CL, Safe and well but in desperate need of a hair cut as all the Barbour's are closed. Good to hear every ones ok.
  16. Happy Birthday CL hope you have a great day. ☺️
  17. Pete


    Brian, its good to hear your on the mend, I was wondering were you had got to as you have not been on for some time but that explains it. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. Will you be having a barbaque on Christmas day? Vic, it sounds like its mighty cold over there so no barbaque for you unfortunately. All the best for Christmas and the New Year. Have you seen many deer this winter?
  18. Happy Birthday Andy, hope you have a great day.
  19. The Olympics where originally called the Statesmen and changed their name to the Olympics, but as far as I am aware it was not due to the name of a Drum Kit. Memory fails when it comes to things long ago, I cannot remember why they changed their name, perhaps Alan can help?
  20. No Bill, it was Bob McGregor. I had a good week last week, stopped at Cresswell Towers for the week. Met up with a lot of old friends in Bedlington.
  21. As a said Bill a cud nivor spel propaley There was a few local groups around at that time, The Avengers as you have already mentioned, The Dynacords and the Olympics to name just three. I remember the Avengers and the Olympics used to practice at the YMCA at the station, I think Alan has mentioned that in previous posts. I remember the Dynacords used to practice in the Wharton but I did not see them much, it was good for Bedlington to have so many groups. Last time I was in Bedlington (a couple of months ago) I was talking to a friend of yours, Bill, Mr Mcgregor and hopefully will be having a pint with him again in September as we are coming up for the week.
  22. A niver could spel properley. But back to the question HPW, did the Dynacords used to practice in the Wharton?
  23. HPW, if I have got it right the Dynachords uses to practice at the Wharton. Did they have a female vocalist at one stage?
  24. Happy Birthday Foxy, hope you have a great day.
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