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  1. Pete

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday Brian, hope you have a great day. Will you be having a barbie and a cold beer?
  2. Pete

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Vic, Hope you have a great day. Have you still got snow or is the weather changing?
  3. A bit more evidence, check out this site, 3rd qualifying round. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1961–62_FA_Cup_qualifying_rounds Ashington 2 2 Bedlington Replay Bedlington 1 4 Ashington Does not mention the venue but I was definitely there (Station Park)
  4. I would agree with the Station park. I watched them play Ashington in an FA cup preliminary round 1961 at the Station park. reason I remember it as 1961, it was the year I left school.
  5. Hope you have a great day Brian, have you got the barbie on?
  6. A bit late But Happy Birthday Canny Lass, hope you had/have a great day
  7. Happy New Year, have a great 2019
  8. Pete

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Andy, hope you have a great day.
  9. There was a group called the Dynacords 1960's
  10. CL, see Andy's post for 5th May. all we should be getting is a static image at the moment but if you hit refresh the image will update but still a static image.
  11. The dropdown menu seems to working fine now for me but if you are using Chrome and you get the little icon and no image try right clicking the icon and in the dropdown click, open image in new tab, works for me. Firefox seems to working ok.
  12. A bit late in the day but Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day.
  13. What web address are you using Vic? I am getting the same results as Webtrekker.
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