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  1. Coal Mining

    Could be totaly wrong here CL but there was a Jocky clip and a ham bone both means of attaching tubs to a metal rope, ussaly an endless rope.
  2. Happy Birthday Canny Lass

    Happy Birthday CL hope you have a great day.
  3. Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New Year to you CL and to everyone else.
  4. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    And me, could it be because your in Canada Vic?
  5. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Brian and to every one else hope its a good one.
  6. Happy Birthday Andy

    Happy Birthday Andy, Hope you have a great day.
  7. Puddler's Raa[Row]

    I remember the ice cream man, he came round the oval area as well as Stead lane early fifties and into the sixties. His second name was Bell but we always refered to him as Jack Bell but his name may well have been Billy Bell. He had a white ice cream cart and it was pulled by the horse. I remember reading somewhere, not sure if was on this thread that he came from Camboise but I always thought he was from Bebside but again I could be wrong.
  8. Places Visited

    Bedlington and places near to
  9. Wild Life

    Mainly British Wildlife
  10. New train service for Bedlington

    Got an old lawnmower engine in the shed if its any good for you but I think you will have a problem with the wheels off a tank
  11. Happy Birthday Foxy

    Happy Birthday, Hope you have a great day.
  12. Netherton Colliery Pitmen

    Have not got a clue but it could refer to the alloted streach of coal face for a filler
  13. Election time again...........

    Any results in yet?