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  1. lsw235

    Humford Baths

    I remember Humford baths, went there a lot with the family and mates. Even went there with the class from school(Whitley Memorial) non-existent now. But we did dive off the girls cubicles (if you were seen or caught you got a good telling off), in fact we were thrown out a few times by wilf, I think that was his name, who looked after the pool etc.
  2. lsw235

    The Dun Cow

    Wow My father(deceased) and I spent a lot of time at the Dun Cow. He was a miner at the Dr pit and I worked there as well for a couple years.
  3. Hi - I'm wondering if there is a possibility that any past neighbours or anyone, remember my family who lived in Haig road bedlington, first in nr 9 and then moved to nr 10 when the council was revenating the houses in the road, the name was/is Craig. Father was generally known as "Jock", myself as Billy, sister is Sylvia and mother was called, Peggy. Father's and my favorite pubs were the Dun Cow, Black bull and the Northumberland arms. "Anyone"??????. ***As can be guessed, I am a senior citizen now**** Bill
  4. Me and my family(parents and sister) used Ginnys fish shop all the time. She was a very nice lady and very friendly. It was a short walk from where I lived in Haig road. Bill
  5. lsw235

    doctor pit.jpg

    Me again - this photo of the Dr pit, I worked in the shed with the 3 chimneys, just above the coal trucks. Such memories. Bill
  6. lsw235

    Doctor Pit Rows

    Wow - I remember this lot. I'm sure I had friends who lived in these rows. My sis married a bloke from one of these rows. Takes me back as does the Dr pit where I once worked. Bill
  7. Philips Solidburn Dvd/cd connections inside case. My Samsung drive was replaced for the above quoted one, which my son said was better??? To cut a long story short, the dvd drive cables are disconnected in the case. Dont know how they shud be connected - wont allow family to touch anything again. Any help????? Bill
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