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  1. Think i posted the full story ?
  2. Now theres an old name from the past. I got a few Muters old bottles in the shed. Super condition too.
  3. nice little topic this. heres an interesting scan from the Bedlington Infants School Records deom 1914. Any of your family names in this scan ? BEDLINGTON VILLAGE INFANTS SCHOOL RECORDS FOR 1914.bmp
  4. rev a lees curate circa 1885
  5. Also got "To the Miner Born" by Mary Wade. All about Bedlington in days long gone. Superb it is.
  6. HPW, is that by Linda McCullough Thew ? if it is its cracking book.
  7. a contact of mine, maurice dawson, no relation, involved with mining lamps, is waiting to see about getting bedlington rails from a place in durham. he is going to pass them on to the group. let you know when he has passed them on to us. he is a mass of information on mining lamps and brings out a little pamphlet monthly. i got some here id anyone is wanting to borrow them. must be returned tho. some interesting local bits in too.
  8. dunno id bil;l jordon is alive today ? cracking fellow and used to see a lot of him when he walked his bedlington terrier and had five crack with him.
  9. Rev A Lees, curate of Bedlington 1885.
  10. Just found these plans from 1873. Will keep looking try and build a picture on this topic together. Queen Annes Bounty Mortgage for Bedlington Vicarage is the title. 1873
  11. I have a book on the church and vicarage somewhere. Will have a look, it is so interesting.
  12. Ye they were good for "farting" When the silent ones slipped out in the classroom what a laugh it was
  13. This is Barrington Swifts. Sadly no date, but someone might recognise someone or even date this ?
  14. Heres a cracking old pic. From our area and Barrington we have Redpath. East Northumberland School Cup Team circa 1920. You may have a relation on here. East Northumberland Schools Team c 1920 Back row players include Graham (Ashington), Arkle (Ashington), Brewis (Choppington), Redpath (Barrington), & Armstrong (North Seaton). Back row officials (teachers and masters) include Smythe, H.R. Maxie, T. Embelton, & Leathard. Middle row includes T. Armstrong (Seaton Delaval), J. Nicholson (Choppington), & H. Wake (Seaton Delaval). Front row includes James (North Seaton), Dale (Bedlington), & J. McMillan (Seaton Delaval).
  15. Would that be what we call "Steepy peas" ?
  16. Keith m8 try this link for a super song on Grace. This group "Sawdustjacks is superb. We have been given permission to use their historic heritage songs for future publications.Have a look everyone and enjoy
  17. Interesting that Syptoms. I have noted the clay in the area and hense the huge ammounts of clay that were extracted for brickmaking. I am interested in the brickyards and brickmaking and this actually gives me a good account of the deposits of clay. Many thanks.
  18. Big fan of Runrig, just superb band. Got many albums. Who was the member who left and went into politics ? I just can't remember off-hand
  19. Its nice to know that old names are still used in naming house areas and roads etc. I think its good. I live at Richard Ashley Close, names after the Newbiggin lifeboat, and we have Longrisge Drive on Barrington Road ? and many more. Nice jesture. Hopefully may see more in Bedlington after Birkinshaw and Stephenson, etc my list can go on for ever, but it is happening. Headstones can tell a good tale for us all, but i don't think they do nowadays. Anyway, when i am gone i want no fuss, as long as i am with my wife in the end, together, for the family, that is all i want. Sadly, how many headstones do we see now with only one person ? probably the other has married on, and its all forgooton about. Very sad indeed.
  20. Good old days indeed. Picked many a time for Pattison at Guide Post. Used to be Clarkes Farm. Blacberry picking fetched a few bob in. Put the coals in for folk too. Took the pop bottles back when doing shopping for a few pence. Took newspapers to the fishshop for a bag of chips and many more chores. Happy days. It wern't all bad , was it ?
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