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  1. If i remember right the francis pit was to the right of the new concrete road that went to barrington crossing on the bedlington to choppington road
  2. This is only a picture of what was called the new houses the original rows were yard row,howard row and clifton row all up towards howard pit the new houses went from the institute to the old francis pit near the, conctete road to choppington
  3. I can remember the concrete road being laid bybedlington council in approx 1947/493
  4. The houses on howard row and clifton row were knocked down when people left to new houses in west lea and ridge farm estate behind netherton club the new one cheers jim lofthouse
  5. The wippet racing was down the lonnen just past the s bend and on the right handside
  6. The first photo is raymond bradley and i used to go to the tute for roller skating and i lived two doors from ivy short at west lea and lived in howard row at the colliery
  7. jim l

    Back of Yard Row

    its nice to see where i was born again its been a long time
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