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  1. I say build bingo hall on the old elliots site.
  2. i believe its going to be an italian restraunt but its not opening for a wee while yet.another month but if i hear owt i will let you know.
  3. i was in last night and Thursday night.very well presented and good taste.good selection of beers and wines and for them who are driving a great selection of soft drinks. OK its not good for parking but you can always park in tescos car park and walk down.alot better than it was before in decoration.go and see it.see the change,i think you will like.
  4. opens to the public friday. opens tonight for invitation only restaurant opens upstairs in may.
  5. dont you think a bridge would be better?
  6. wouldnt it be nice if someone could publish the figures true or not on this website for them who have not seen them in the free mag. i wonder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. is that a pelican or zebra xing the are putting in? or is it a run for your life one?
  8. did anybody read about the payments in the free council magazine to all our local councilers.
  9. hello everyone. does anybody know whats happening at the rounderbout at nettos? are the cooncil changing the road layout?
  10. tescos might get something done now that the market taverns empty??????????
  11. anywhere in paticular in mind? do you need help? i may know somewhere but its not on the front street. pm me for details if you want to.
  12. FANTASTIC when ????????? now????????? please please
  13. HELLO ALL AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY. I'm not in bedders at the momement so can anybody tell me whats happening down the street at the momement. To them who braved the plumeting temps on new years eve, did you enjoy yourself and what was the best pub or club to be in? Who and where had what entertainment on and was it good? Is there still places open at the momement or whats closed down? Hope to see you all soon and wish you were here just like judith chalmers. Splodge. ANY CHANCE ON BEDDERS GETTING A WEB CAM YET?????
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