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  1. your grandad looked after my dad in his final days he was mint glad you found him
  2. would be good to have the picnic back was a sight to see
  3. FRIENDS screen gone upside down...packard bell laptop.......running on vista ............on a dongle key HELP PLEASE
  4. sleepy

    Jade Goody

    without the publicity we'd be ignorrant to a lot of things though the money she gets means her kids are fine money wise but that don't explain mammy not being there...... bless
  5. never heard owt but a 19 year old boy was victim of hit and run at bolam place last week ............ might i add deliberate too ......... some nasty people out there
  6. rebuilding 1st 6 now doing them bit by bit it seems
  7. sleepy


    can't be completed and has to close
  8. sleepy


    windows unable to do that tried already only avast running defrag just shuts down when i try to use it
  9. you could be right there lol its still gonna be strange two year from now
  10. sleepy


    added avast for me no bother can download some things let me get ccleaner when i try for firefox it says file corrupt after download
  11. sleepy


    windows xp this laptop runs on it not mine its a friends not sure if it home or proff tho 21 % free on hard drive just says it un able to run 64 bit edition if that helps yeah i local if you live near spar opens on yahoo when you open ie now
  12. sad loss to some tho this is my life they removing
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