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  1. Great photo. Thanks for sharing it.
  2. Carole

    Netherton/Nedderton old photos

    People and places at Netherton and Nedderton 1900-1960s
  3. Great photo. I remember seeing this as a child.
  4. Carole

    Guess where

    Hi Sissinghurst, sorry for the very long delay, it wasn't deliberate, but I rarely use the website now. The statue is at Eggleston Hall Garden, about 5 miles from Barnard Castle. The garden is well worth a visit, and not not many people seem to know about it. This is the website http://www.egglestonhallgardens.co.uk/walk.html Regards, Carole
  5. I've added a new album called ‘End of an Era' in the Places section of the Gallery. It contains newspaper cuttings dating from the 1970s about the end of the colliery. There are some photos and quite a lot of cuttings mentioning people who lived at Netherton at the time. The cuttings make me remember what a strong community it was. Quite a lot of people really wanted to stay but the Council wouldn't improve the houses. Carole
  6. Carole

    The End of Netherton Colliery

    Newspaper cuttings about the end of Netherton colliery
  7. Thanks for posting this. Photos of the old houses are so rare
  8. I have just added about 30 more photos to my gallery of old photos of Netherton and Nedderton. All the photos in my gallery are from the same family collection and date from around 1900 to the 1960s. I can't find any more recent ones which is a shame. The new photos include: Photos of the Hall Pit and Howard Pit Pupils at Nedderton School Another photograph of Netherton pitmen Office Row Electrification of the colliery Snow at Netherton Training a pit pony Nedderton village The Winding House controls An engine and a motor at the colliery Children at a Wartime fancy dress pageant Netherton residents on a Wartime day trip to the Kyles of Bute Howard House Various other photos around Netherton I'm having trouble with identifying some of the photos and would be glad of any help if anyone has more information about them. Carole
  9. I've just been given another box of old photos of Netherton. They're from the same source as the ones I have already had, so I'm re-uniting the family collection. I will scan any which might be of interest and add them to the gallery. Looking through, I'm having trouble identifying one of them (attached). Can anyone help me identify what it is? I thought it might be the winding engine because my grandfather and great uncle were Winding Enginemen, and there's another photo of the controls in the Winding House. However, isn't it a bit small to be a Winding Engine? Maybe it's a pump to provide ventilation underground. I'm just guessing. Are any of you experts? Any help you can give would be gratefully received, otherwise I'll have to give it a very vague label in the Gallery. Carole
  10. Hi, I have just managed to send a second photo of the girls at Franch Flag Day which might include your Great Aunty Jean without a message (I don't really know what I'm doing!) My Great Aunt Kitty is the girl sitting down in the second photo. Kitty lived at Netherton all her life, and she died in 1999. We have lost all the people who could have answered all the questions we now have. It sounds as if you have a really interesting family to investigate, I do hope you hear from people who can help you. Carole
  11. I've added another batch of photos to my gallery 'Old photos of Netherton'. The new photos date from 1901 to the 1930s and they include pupils at Nedderton School, the Colliery Engineer and Colliery Secretary, some of the staff who worked for the Colliery Manager at Howard House, and one of some pitmen with their motorbikes. I am hoping to get more photos from family sources and I think there will be some taken at the colliery itself. I will scan and upload anything which might be of interest.
  12. Carole

    Murders at the Sun Inn in 1913

    Photographs of the two Police Officers who were shot and killed
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