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  1. 4 hours ago, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

    ..an aftathowt...me Son went ti live an' wark in London 30 yeors ago,so he had ti larn ti taak glaaky doon theor ,so thi buggaas wud unnerstand 'im.

    Noo ,as yeors went by,he had an Album ti record an' Engineer,owa in Denmark,by a Band caaled "EFTACLANG"..they were a top Band at thi time,like the Beatles war heor,mevvis not exactly thi syem,but enywheh,he was suprised by thi amoont of words n' phrases they hae owa theor,wat are like wors.."Gaan Yem"...etc...[suppose them buggaas browt thi twang owa heor in thi forst place eh?!!]...a knew Kirk was aad ,but a didn't think ee wuz that aad...!!Heh heh!

    Thi forst time he foened back yem,efta he had been in Londin for a while,he was taakin' aal bay windae,[a bit like wor Big Jack...R,I,P, Jack.]...but mekkin' a hint-end o' hesel' ivry utha worrd!!...[like them buggaas ye see on thi telly in thi Soaps,wat wor lass waatchis...thi sing wen tha taakin']..if us buggaas taaked like that doon thi big black hole,we'd be crucified by thi wit of the ones who were a wee bit "Intoxicated by the Exuberance of their own Verbosity...!"...[so ti speek!]..heh heh!!

    That's worth a toot of the Netherton tankie. Top posting.

  2. 3 hours ago, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

    Bobby Pattinson,famous Geordie Comedian...." Big Geordie  waaks inti thi Lifeboat Stayshun at Tynemooth...he says ...Hae yi got eny jobs Mista..?...Fella says ti him ....Hoo taal are yi?...Geordie says ..Aam six foot twelve ....Fella says ...Can ye swim?..he says ner,but a can plodge a lang way oot"!!


    His DVD Performance is worth every penny ti a Geordie Twang lover!!

    Aye, I remember him going on about spiders in the netty. 

  3. 4 hours ago, HIGH PIT WILMA said:

    Waatcheor Bonny Lad,[JoJo],aal slap ya chops if a heor ye caal wor twang ..."Silly Daft Twang"! 

    Ye waana mind o' thi fact that if it waasn't fo' Pitmen,gett'n Coal oot fo' Industry at thi start of thi Idustreeal Revolushin, ye wadn't be clartin on heor wi ya fancy bliddy new-fangled thingy's..!!

    Is aal them fowks doon thonder posha thin wat we are heor like?...it's US that taak proppa man,aal them foriners frae owa thi waata taak a bit glaaky.!

    Noo,Jo-jo,a expect, wi YOR browtin's -up,that ye'll knaa when wi say Foriners,wa not been Raysshhill or owt  stupit,wi mean any bugga from owa the waata...meanin' the Tyne!!  

    Did ye knaa thi Smith family,or the Bell's hoo had thi Ranch,owa aside thi Lonnen? ..when thi pulled thi pit hooses doon,in thi late 1940's,a lot o' Netherton fowks moovd doon ti Hollymoont Squaor aside my Fowks,so a knew a lot of thim,a med new mates,canny fowks they were,a ended up menny yeors lator,worrkin doon thi pit alang wi sum o' thim as Marra's.[Jimmy Burke and Stan Taylor cum ti mind stryght awa...]

    Them wa thi days wen wi had clarty back streets,like at Choppintin,wi play'd aside thi Barnt'n Born,whoer it was aal slecky.

    Ootside Netties,nae posh lavvy papor in them days,an' yi had callises on ya hint-end...!!..wi'll keep thi entortaunmint leet eh?!!

    A hevn't been redd aroond lang, and aav just gett'n the tcheble cleored n thi dishis aal weshed...[nen brokken thi neet! ....buggad-up hands are nae gud for weshin' dishes wi!!]

    It's great ti see ye on the forum Jo Jo,hope wi heor a lot mair frae yi.. an a just waant fowks ti knaa a hevn't desartid wa great site heor,its' just that aav hooked up wi a few lang-lost Marra's from thi '60s ...an' otha kind fowks,it's hard ti split me time up,an' a get carried awa once a start.....![....eh?...they say...nivvor in thi world....wi nivvor knew...!!]

    Aal thi best ti aal me Marra's on heor!!



    Neh botha owa here how. Canny ti read it all through wi neh botha at all. Divvint let the crack diy oot neh matter how many puzzled fyeces luck on.

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  4. Mother & father both born at Netherton and father worked down the pit as did just about everyone else did back then; uncle, cousins etc.  I was brought up on what's known as "Pit talk", certain vocabulary I still weave into conversation to this day, but is usually met with confusion.  For example - "You gave me a gliff before" = You gave me a fright earlier.  Does anyone still use these terms today or have they died out?  Another one; "Mind, that gully's sharp" = watch as that knife is sharp.  "I walked into the bliddy cheble" = I've walked into that bloody table.

    Silly daft geordie twang I guess, but localised in certain pit villages.  I couldn't imagine anyone saying the same stuff in Consett, for example.  Anyway, paying homage to the old school on how your Grandad might have talked about Lonnens, Sculleries, Clarts and Nyuks.

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  5. For the 1st time this year - we never watched an episode of it. It's gone on too long and is way too boring beyond words. Everythings been done in past shows, so I think it's right to pull the plug on this series now.

    Bye BB, it's been fun.

  6. i still know a bloke that can tell which town someones from by the way they speak, if they live locally....

    I had that happen to me one time when I worked down in Bristol. Another north eastener noted my accent and asked 'you from Ashington'? Well... I was born there.

    I nearly fell off my chair.

  7. Queen/ Quo - St. James Park 1986

    The Cross - Mayfair, Newcastle 1988

    Shakin' Stevens - City Hall, Newcastle 1988

    The Cross/ Brian May - Astoria, London 1990

    Bryan Adams/ Extreme/ Squeeze/ Little Angels - Gateshead stadium, 1992

    Brian May Band - Playhouse, Edinburgh 1993 [was a vip!]

    Roger Taylor - Riverside, Newcastle 1994

    Brian May Band - City Hall, Newcastle 1998

    Roger Taylor - Riverside, Newcastle 1999

    Queen/ Paul Rodgers - Metro Arena, Newcastle 2005 [free tickets]

    ELO part 2 - City Hall, Newcastle 2006 [met the band]

    Billy Joel - Hallam Arena, Sheffield 2006

    Queen/ Paul Rodgers - Metro Arena, Newcastle 2008

  8. Just been browsing through your pics, Carole. As fascinating as ever. I remember a school group photo from Netherton school taken in the mid 1930's - featured the class dressed up as Robin Hood and his merry men. My dad was one of participents, but the pic has now been lost. It was in a shop window in bedlington if I remember correctly about 10 or so years ago - much to my late dad's delight! He had a copy made there and then. Unsure about the name of the shop, but it was a photographer's shop on Front Street East - opposite the church if I recall.

  9. Throughout my life I've been somewhat frowned upon for having what is nown as a Bedlington twang. You say certain words that only 'us lot' would know, but maybe someone from Durham or Alnwick maybe wouldn't. Does this language still exist? For the best part it's all mainly pit-talk, our reletives who had been down the mines would come back to the hoos n tahk owa fast n divin't gan doon that lonnin, cos it's thick 'o clarts n yiv got scyull the morn - so divin't give the teacha's a gliff.

    Perfect English of course, but move away from the area and BONG... ne bugga naz what the hell ya on aboot n just scratch tha heeds n wunda.

    There is talk of this [last century] way of talking is dying out and the bedlington/ pit village type of twang is now dilluted. Which IMHO, is a shame.

  10. It all looks so nasty on the news. I've never known Morpeth to flood before. Pretty much every river in the north east rose considerably over the weekend, just looks like Morpeth got the short end of the stick. Cheer up though, there's a tail end of a hurricane heading over towards us from the states. That's nice of them.

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