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  1. Thanks for that link, Carole. Some towns don't look to have changed all that much in the past 100 years.
  2. Throughout my life I've been somewhat frowned upon for having what is nown as a Bedlington twang. You say certain words that only 'us lot' would know, but maybe someone from Durham or Alnwick maybe wouldn't. Does this language still exist? For the best part it's all mainly pit-talk, our reletives who had been down the mines would come back to the hoos n tahk owa fast n divin't gan doon that lonnin, cos it's thick 'o clarts n yiv got scyull the morn - so divin't give the teacha's a gliff. Perfect English of course, but move away from the area and BONG... ne bugga naz what the hell ya on aboo
  3. Jojo


    It all looks so nasty on the news. I've never known Morpeth to flood before. Pretty much every river in the north east rose considerably over the weekend, just looks like Morpeth got the short end of the stick. Cheer up though, there's a tail end of a hurricane heading over towards us from the states. That's nice of them.
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    I know of Tweddle's that live in Widdrington [approx 10 or so miles north of Bedlington]
  5. Great photos. I'd like to see more, but of a later time if anyone has any out there, willing to upload.
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    That's so bad
  7. Excellent pic Carole, thanks for sharing.
  8. Jojo


    Uncle Adam toiling on his boat, moored on the river Blyth.
  9. I remember the recent Top Club getting built - the one that looks like a space ship. I also remember this subway too - nasty places.
  10. ja! Normalerweise auf einem Vollmond zwar.
  11. That's about normal in any shop I go to. Eight tills closed and two on - and queues as far as the bacon counter.
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