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  1. He did, but now lost in time. Thanks for the name change. He was well chuffed when he saw it some years back in a photography shop window.
  2. Deffo my dad Joseph Kelly Halliday. In fact he burst into tears upon seeing a copy in a shop window down East End Front Street one time and immediately asked to buy it. Robin Hood and his Merry Men was the play.
  3. Are you sure about #4? My dad was sure that was him.
  4. I think this bus conductor Nellie was one of my aunties. She lived across from the Terrier pub. Her married name became Turnbull. Miss her like mad these days.
  5. Nice pic, Cympil. I remember Laws stores.
  6. I've not been on here for a bit. Hope everyone is OK. Nice to re-visit the past.
  7. Jojo


    Jimmy Halliday with his family.
  8. Jojo


    Joe Kelly Halliday with his two step children Colin Jordan and Valerie Jordan. (mid 60's), Hartford woods.
  9. Jojo


    Colin Jordan with his younger sister Valerie at North Ridge (mid 60's)
  10. Think of the security lads laid on there. I'm one of them.
  11. Excellent footage there, Cympil. Such proud men and their families in a more social and innocent times, celebrating their workforce. Was that Atlee Park I saw there? The road leading to Bebside, down the bank?
  12. For the 1st time this year - we never watched an episode of it. It's gone on too long and is way too boring beyond words. Everythings been done in past shows, so I think it's right to pull the plug on this series now. Bye BB, it's been fun.
  13. Jojo

    Bedlington Twang

    I had that happen to me one time when I worked down in Bristol. Another north eastener noted my accent and asked 'you from Ashington'? Well... I was born there. I nearly fell off my chair.
  14. Jojo

    Who have you seen?

    Queen/ Quo - St. James Park 1986 The Cross - Mayfair, Newcastle 1988 Shakin' Stevens - City Hall, Newcastle 1988 The Cross/ Brian May - Astoria, London 1990 Bryan Adams/ Extreme/ Squeeze/ Little Angels - Gateshead stadium, 1992 Brian May Band - Playhouse, Edinburgh 1993 [was a vip!] Roger Taylor - Riverside, Newcastle 1994 Brian May Band - City Hall, Newcastle 1998 Roger Taylor - Riverside, Newcastle 1999 Queen/ Paul Rodgers - Metro Arena, Newcastle 2005 [free tickets] ELO part 2 - City Hall, Newcastle 2006 [met the band] Billy Joel - Hallam Arena, Sheffield 2006 Queen/ Paul Rodgers - Metro Arena, Newcastle 2008
  15. Jojo

    Merry Christmas

    Merry christmas to all. Drove through Bedlington this very day, saw some changes and rekindled memories of yesteryear. All the best, Jojo.
  16. Just been browsing through your pics, Carole. As fascinating as ever. I remember a school group photo from Netherton school taken in the mid 1930's - featured the class dressed up as Robin Hood and his merry men. My dad was one of participents, but the pic has now been lost. It was in a shop window in bedlington if I remember correctly about 10 or so years ago - much to my late dad's delight! He had a copy made there and then. Unsure about the name of the shop, but it was a photographer's shop on Front Street East - opposite the church if I recall.
  17. Thanks for that link, Carole. Some towns don't look to have changed all that much in the past 100 years.
  18. Throughout my life I've been somewhat frowned upon for having what is nown as a Bedlington twang. You say certain words that only 'us lot' would know, but maybe someone from Durham or Alnwick maybe wouldn't. Does this language still exist? For the best part it's all mainly pit-talk, our reletives who had been down the mines would come back to the hoos n tahk owa fast n divin't gan doon that lonnin, cos it's thick 'o clarts n yiv got scyull the morn - so divin't give the teacha's a gliff. Perfect English of course, but move away from the area and BONG... ne bugga naz what the hell ya on aboot n just scratch tha heeds n wunda. There is talk of this [last century] way of talking is dying out and the bedlington/ pit village type of twang is now dilluted. Which IMHO, is a shame.
  19. Jojo


    It all looks so nasty on the news. I've never known Morpeth to flood before. Pretty much every river in the north east rose considerably over the weekend, just looks like Morpeth got the short end of the stick. Cheer up though, there's a tail end of a hurricane heading over towards us from the states. That's nice of them.
  20. Jojo


    I know of Tweddle's that live in Widdrington [approx 10 or so miles north of Bedlington]
  21. Great photos. I'd like to see more, but of a later time if anyone has any out there, willing to upload.
  22. Jojo


    That's so bad
  23. Excellent pic Carole, thanks for sharing.
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