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  1. Jojo

    Humford Woods

    Humford Woods. I dunno... I moved away in 1976.
  2. No, I'm someone elses.
  3. Born some 13 years later.
  4. Jojo

    Pit Talk/ Lingo

    That's worth a toot of the Netherton tankie. Top posting.
  5. Jojo

    Pit Talk/ Lingo

    Aye, I remember him going on about spiders in the netty.
  6. Jojo

    Pit Talk/ Lingo

    Neh botha owa here how. Canny ti read it all through wi neh botha at all. Divvint let the crack diy oot neh matter how many puzzled fyeces luck on.
  7. Mother & father both born at Netherton and father worked down the pit as did just about everyone else did back then; uncle, cousins etc. I was brought up on what's known as "Pit talk", certain vocabulary I still weave into conversation to this day, but is usually met with confusion. For example - "You gave me a gliff before" = You gave me a fright earlier. Does anyone still use these terms today or have they died out? Another one; "Mind, that gully's sharp" = watch as that knife is sharp. "I walked into the bliddy cheble" = I've walked into that bloody table. Silly daft geordie twang I guess, but localised in certain pit villages. I couldn't imagine anyone saying the same stuff in Consett, for example. Anyway, paying homage to the old school on how your Grandad might have talked about Lonnens, Sculleries, Clarts and Nyuks.
  8. The name Cunningham strikes a chord with me. I remember my dad always talking about a Jack Cunningham and a Sally Cunningham.
  9. As me father would say "Am bliddy sick ov it". Hope you're all alright up that way. Wait it out, that's all we can do.
  10. My auntie Nellie! :) xx miss her like mad. Turnbull was her married name.
  11. He did, but now lost in time. Thanks for the name change. He was well chuffed when he saw it some years back in a photography shop window.
  12. Deffo my dad Joseph Kelly Halliday. In fact he burst into tears upon seeing a copy in a shop window down East End Front Street one time and immediately asked to buy it. Robin Hood and his Merry Men was the play.
  13. Are you sure about #4? My dad was sure that was him.
  14. I think this bus conductor Nellie was one of my aunties. She lived across from the Terrier pub. Her married name became Turnbull. Miss her like mad these days.
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