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  1. Councillor Robinson - August 2017

    Thanks Malcolm!
  2. "Wake up Wansbeck" Bedlington certainly woke up. The recent County Council elections returned three independents. People who, to quote your good self, "feel they are there to serve the needs of their constituents".
  3. Another Life Lesson for the Snowflakes

    Sounds like a big difference, 3G. I'm in rural Lincolnshire at the moment and generally get a 4G signal. Mind, I suppose they have to provide it for the airbase a mile away!
  4. Another Life Lesson for the Snowflakes

    Interesting. My PAYG deal is the cheapest I've ever had. I mean, peanuts cost. Are they more expensive on the continent?
  5. I wasn't talking about any correlation between the value of our currency and future prospects, and I wasn't implying anything of the sort. I was disagreeing with your assertion that the value of pound is now as it was in 2009/2010, because it's not, and not anywhere close. What that has to do with the future of the country is not for me to comment on, as I don't know. As for why I think the EU is a viable economic construct, again, I'm not an economist, and don't know. I'm simply concerned for the welfare of all the Eastern European vegetable pickers who do a great job in the farms around my 'other home' in Lincolnshire, poor people. Because, of course. they're all going to get sent home, as the 'leave' brigade voted for. (I hope, of course, you can see where I'm being tongue in cheek.) As long as I get my current return on the dollar, which is much greater than at any point in '09 or '10, despite your assertion otherwise, so i guess I'm in the 'i'm alright jack' category. On a serious note, I admire your persistence and your interest in the subject, but I'm not really that bothered. More going on closer to home to care about. Before i go, oh, look, I just converted $100 into £75 - loving this Brexit! Now I can afford that microbrewery i always wanted.
  6. "If you look at the history it came straight off a high and is now pretty much exactly where it was in 2009/10. "? I'm not sure where you get your figures from here (and hope the rest of those you quote are not quite as inaccurate!). In 2009/2010 I could get an average, across the two years, of around 66/67p on the dollar; since the brexit vote, It's been around 74/76p. That's a major difference, and hardly 'pretty much exactly' the same, as I'm sure you'll agree.
  7. I meant we're not actually out yet. So we have to wait a few years to see the results. I'm still loving the exchange rate, btw.
  8. "I'm now beginning to appreciate that you Remainers were right about several things Merk. " You need to give that a few years. we haven't gone yet.
  9. There's the old joke about the builder and his estimates, which are always much more attractive than the final cost. Might be wise not to count your chickens yet.
  10. What is England's most obese region?

    Having spent a lot of time in Lincolnshire over the past year, I'd take issue that there are far more obese people in Boston than in the whole of the North East!
  11. New train service for Bedlington

    I have it on good authority, from a friend who works for Northern, that things are good to go...
  12. Happy Birthday Foxy

    Have a great day buddy
  13. Sorry to hear of your sad loss Tony, good to have you back
  14. Latest on Tesco site development

    To be honest, Moe, I don't think anything will get built unless there is a certainty that a retailer/pub chain/commercial entity has guaranteed to take it up.
  15. Election time again...........

    Congratulations to all three of the Bedlington Independents who were successful today. The work and effort that has been put into this campaign has been nothing short of tremendous, so well done.