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  1. Stacey, we would be interested to hear more if you are party to information we are not? It's a very interesting and important local story.
  2. Thank you Bill. One question: can I ask what efforts were made to attract sponsors to this year's Live event?
  3. "its apparent with all the houses being built here" That''s right, so with all those houses being built, that's more people to shop in the town, yes? At the moment there's limited choice; expand that choice, and people won't need to go out of town.
  4. "The problems farmers have were there well before Brexit..." Indeed they were. "we need a government that will encourage robotics and innovation, as well as operating a fair work visa system that's not politicised" On the former, there's only so much that can be done on the land by machine. Some of the equipment used around here is pretty impressive, yet a machine to out-pace a couple of dozen cutting leaks without excessive waste is the stuff of dreams. As for the work visa situation, agreed. "it's always very easy to attack others for being lazy" Even easier when they are. I still
  5. "A "whole wedge" of voters frequently do the right thing for the wrong reason, and a "whole wedge" do the wrong thing for the right reason. " Very true. "I think you'll be really struggling to find any politician of note on the Leave side who ever claimed anyone was going anywhere. " Also very true, yet it didn't stop a whole wedge of voters shouting leave for that reason, did it? "The Remain side also perpetrated the lies that we'd starve because Poles wouldn't be able to work on low income jobs, and that produce would go bad in the fields..." Now that's an interesting point.
  6. Interesting lack of response to this. From the level of general talk at the moment - that is away from the press and in the real world - it would seem that people (around here at least) have lost interest in Brexit. I guess that's what happens when you drag your heels. Even the local Eastern European contingent are no longer concerned in the least. I wonder is this a deliberate dragging of heels by those in charge, or are they simply stuck? Meanwhile, somebody's filled in some potholes!
  7. There's an interesting idea...I wonder...
  8. No problem at all. You get a lifetime supply of empty crisp packets from the floor of my car.
  9. I believe there are new retailers lined up, for several of the units including the larger supermarket.
  10. I love lupins! We have hundreds of seedlings here! The invasion begins! So what are the national flowers over there? What do people grow in their gardens if not lupins?
  11. I don't think I'll be around for this event this year (which likely gives certain members the belief I should't comment on it) but will say I would be there if I was. It's a great community event organised by a good friend of mine who puts her absolute heart and soul into the day, and I doubt anyone could do it better. Should I happen to be in the area, I'll avoid the absolute hell that is apparently the rest of the town, where it seems you can't move an inch without someone weeing in the street or punching someone else's lights out, and head down here. Good luck!
  12. You didn't say every one of them my good man, Moe; you did not, however, mention anything BUT the poor behaviour you witnessed, which led me to believe that was entirely everything you saw! Of course, I know it was not, as I know you will also have seen many people enjoying themselves in a perfectly acceptable manner, as did my friends. Yet, you see fit not to talk about them (and, to be frank, there's little doubt they make up the majority). So, why not say 'well how lovely it was to see so many people out enjoying themselves; such a pity there were a few who made idiots of themselves etc'? A
  13. Oh, I stand corrected! I didn't know that every single person who was out on Sunday afternoon was drunk, vomiting, urinating and fighting! I tell you what, find me a town on any Saturday night that doesn't have its share of idiots. As I said above, I won't tar everyone with the same brush. I've talked to plenty of my friends who were out on Bedlington Front Street for Bedrock (and I have quite a lot, because I'm a nice sort of guy!) and most for the duration; not one got so drunk they fell over; none took a leak in the street; none threw up in public, and none got into a fight. So that's two d
  14. I doubt it was anything akin to Beirut. Zombie flick, possibly, as I've heard Foxy was about, and he's one of the living dead! I'm told it was a great day, and yes, there was some bother. I won't tar all with the same brush, however, as there's always a few who spoil it for the many. And both historical - I see The Nail casting its very historical shadow into one of the pictures there - and hysterical at the same time - who can complain at that? History should be fun! Good to see people out and about in a beautiful town on a lovely day (see, it's not difficult to find the positives).
  15. All very good points, and another problem to deal with. I was addressing one, I have little idea where to go with this one. I'm not sure I agree, however, that the houses being built are 'overpriced' (well, I suppose all houses are in a way) as they compare rather nicely with some other areas I've lived in!
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