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  1. So the German ones are fatter?

    I loved the story I was told about Gianni Agnelli, if he was the head guy, having a favourite car from all of those in the FIAT/Ferrari stable. It was the original FIAT Panda... Italian fashion - yes, that sounds about right!
  2. So the German ones are fatter?

    Not one to be pedantic (well, I am) they actually call it a MINI, all letters capitalised, and it is a brand rather than a model. Has absolutely nothing to do with the quite amazing original, of which I have owned no fewer than seven, and wish I had one now! For the record, Issigonis was in fact of Greek origin.
  3. Has anybody noticed?

    You don't want to be boiling choccy eggs Moe, they melt!
  4. Has anybody noticed?

    That implies, Canny Lass, that contrary to popular internet memes, the use of 'Easter' on such products is more common now than it ever has been, because they're everywhere I look!
  5. Has anybody noticed?

    Just happened to be in the shop for my regulation three bottles of speckled hen and a paper.
  6. Has anybody noticed?

    And on this note...the local Co-op yesterday had several Easter Eggs for sale (with the name on the packaging) as did the garage, the newsagent, and Tesco. The local pub has a competition in which several of the prizes are Easter Eggs, also with the name on the packaging, and two from Cadburys. So they are there, and they are not offending anyone around here!
  7. Has anybody noticed?

    But, has anybody actually ever been offended by Christmas, or by Easter, or did your customer decide that somebody might be after reading the Daily Mail?
  8. Lord Ridley socks it to the HoL on our behalf!

    If you don't believe there are irredeemable people then there's not really I can say, apart from there are lots. I'm not really interested in your questions, to be honest, because I don't think you're really interested in my answers; you're right, and everybody else is wrong, and that will always be the case. I'm a bit busy today, got to earn a living.
  9. Lord Ridley socks it to the HoL on our behalf!

    You just pigeonholed an entire religion - 'the evil of Islam' - and can't even see it. What has Naziism to do with Islam? If you don't want to muddy the waters, why are you introducing something that is of no relevance? You really are a curious person! Also, if you want to play the 'this is what certain sort of people do' I can play that one, too. People who don't really have much of an argument start labelling others as 'the left' or 'lefties', or perhaps 'righties', and telling them they are making 'ad hominem attacks', perhaps hoping they look superior. There was nothing ad hominem about that post; I told you to get off your high horse and not tell people what they should believe. You really should.
  10. Councillor Wallace - Developments!

    Entirely possible, but that's a private venture, is it not?
  11. Lord Ridley socks it to the HoL on our behalf!

    Apologies, you wrote 'sleeper jihadists'. I'm not sure that's any better, but if you prefer it, good for you. I like this bit: "That's not how I see the evil of Islam." No, it's not, is it? Islam is not evil; some people are evil. Some Christians are evil, some atheists are evil, some of every race, creed, religion, however you want to pigeonhole people, are evil. In every single case where evil is perpetrated, it's down the the person involved. To blame religion is a convenient get-out clause, and one that really doesn't wash. At least, however, you nail your flag to the mast, and admit that you think Islam evil. I have read bits of the Quran, though not all, and it's just another religious script. What I don't take kindly to is such as this: "don't for one second believe that it is equivalent to the Christian Bible in its current relevance". I don't need you to tell me what to believe (heaven forbid anyone needs you to tell them what to believe); you're no advert for sensible thinking, for a start. I also question why you feel the need to advise me as such; are you worried that I might find that, in fact, it IS equivalent to the Christian bible etc? Seriously, there's a high horse under you; if you're going to make points that people are happy to take on board, you need to get off it. As for the TV show; it would be a fantasy one, in which the UK will be an Islamic state in a few years. Probably called' The Daily Mail'.
  12. Well, Canny Lass, I'm conditioned to use AP Style so that would be 21, 31 and so on!
  13. Out of interest, why should they, or any party, do so? There's no obligation? I tend to find the TV political debate and interview stuff to be dumbed down to the lowest level and of little interest. Waste of their time,
  14. Ah Canny Lass, how I love your lessons! I must say, however, the expression has always seen toys thrown from the pram. The dummy is spat out. I have asked Small Dog what he thinks of all this. He merely burrowed back beneath his blanket. I don't blame him.
  15. See the title of the thread...