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  1. Personally... I Blame Brexit

  2. Personally... I Blame Brexit

  3. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    All are welcome in the Tumby Stable Bar, Foxy (including that lovely daughter of yours) but I doubt 3G would like it. There's likely to be people who either disagree with him, or couldn't care less and carry on plucking their banjos (oo-er missus!)
  4. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    I have no intention of running a pub, just a bar that would open every, say, fortnight on a saturday evening in the (soon to be) glorious surroundings of Tumby Lawn's Old Stable Courtyard, where people can come along, bring their musical instruments and play, or recite poetry or tell stories, or even dance - any performance art in fact. (This is, in fact, a serious plan!) One would make a 'contribution to the cost' on the door and be given a few 'free' bottles of beer, so as to bypass the actual sale of alcohol on the premises, and a good night shall be had by all. Believe it or not, we have a list of people who are waiting for it to happen! My brewery kit is all here, just need to sort the cellar out and get brewing! As for being PM, don't think I could be bothered!
  5. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    That's not bad detective work Eggy! I've never been in the Malcolm Arms but am told it is very nice. The Leagate Inn, the oldest pub in the county, is the nearest but I can never find it open, so I trot along to Coningsby for a pint these days - until the cellar is ready, and the Stinky Whippet Brewery is in full swing!
  6. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    Alas, there are no pubs near Tumby! The nearest is a colossal two miles away, hence my building a brewery in the cellar...and the old stables look perfect for a bar...
  7. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    "good, substantial British knicker –elastic" - my turnip-picking friends, who are not being sent home when (or even if) we leave Europe much to the dissatisfaction of those who voted Leave, swear by it; all that get down, get up, chuck turnip in the trailer, get down...and so on routine really takes its toll on your waistline. It's no wonder the mile-long queue of locals at the Job Centre have every possible medical condition going the prevents them even entering a field (fielditis, or its close cousin fieldaphobia are the most commonly quoted). Poor souls. I'm pleased, now, that I voted remain, which is what all the Eastern Europeans around here will now do, as I did fear conscription into the upcoming beetroot season uprooting. Now THAT is a bind. In all seriousness - well, a bit - there's really not a lot to worry about. Life will go on, the sun will still rise and set, and so on. UK businesses will continue to do business with Eurozone pals, and vice versa, and we will continue to be a little island, part of Europe, no matter what happens. That's what always has happened. Now, it's a lovely morning here at Tumby Lawn; the sun is out, the sky is clear, the partridges are merrily prancing around, safe in the knowledge they won't get shot on our land because it's not a Monday, and the miniature horses are a joy to watch munching away in the paddock; the limpy goat is still limping, the donkey still has wonderful, enormous ears, and the dogs go about their life merrily, farting with gay abandon, as only whippets can. I'm sure Mrs May would rather wake up to this...
  8. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    I'll start with your last sentence, : it's not 'my' country, and nor is it yours; it never has been, and it never will be. I'm not sure why you find that so hard to understand. It has nothing to do with the meaning of the word 'my', and nor does it have anything to do with belonging or duty, and your rather insulting comment inferring that I'm somehow being disrespectful to past and future generations is rather laughable. Something you seem unable to get is that future generations - in this country and others - will not consist of white Christians only (as if they ever did) but of a mix of races, religions and beliefs; if you actually think there is something that can be done about that, I'll label you with one of your favourite words - deluded. "as an inveterate socialist" Who said I'm a socialist? I might have read, and enjoyed, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, but that doesn't define me. I prefer not to be pigeonholed, thanks, and it's one of the reasons I stopped replying to your posts - you are one-sided, and often extremely boring with it. And, I might add, living firmly in the past. As for the Brexit vote being advisory - it was; that was clear to anyone who bothered to look beyond your apparently authoritative rantings and read the cross-section of information elsewhere. Things move on and it now appears we are heading for a watered-down version of what was originally planned, which is no surprise whatsoever. So, my turnip picking friends won't get sent home, but then they were never going to. The problem I have with you - and as I don't know you, the 'you' I refer to is that of your words on here - is that I find you innately annoying in your holier than thou tone; you believe - quite clearly from what you write - that you know best, and we should all follow. You don't; you are a stuck record, probably one of those spoken record 15RPM ones that nobody bothers with anymore. You are so worked up about the 'problem' with Islam that you fail to see the wood for the trees. Here's a simple fact that is worth thinking about: there's more than a billion Muslims in the world - what are you proposing we do about it? You want an 'us and them' scenario? Is that going to work out well? You want to define areas where they can live? That's really a 21st century approach, isn't it? I don't know whether Mohammed pissed in your cornflakes one morning, but frankly your ongoing assertion that Islam is the root of every problem is tiresome. That would be people, of all religions, of all races, of all ages and beliefs. I really hope that - as you do me - I've annoyed you enough for you to come back with some apparently intelligent retort, because I have quite a bit of time on my hands here at the moment - turnips are being picked, shot enough partridges for the week, guess I'll pop down the pub for a pint or two with those horrible Polish blokes who you and your ilk would like to send home, but who are actually just people, doing a job, getting on with life. The horses need feeding, back later. Oh, before I go, I'll highlight this: "I leave the matter of whether you regularly attempt to diminish and deride your own country up to others to judge." I fear your confidence in others siding with you may be somewhat flawed. No, I'll change that; I know your confidence in others siding with you IS flawed.
  9. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    "...wages + increased fraudulent benefits..." This had me spilling my coffee this morning.
  10. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    "You deride your own country" What utter nonsense. Furthermore, it's not my country, I never owned it and never will, and it would be great to see others recognise this. "Glad it was you who raised the shocking increase in crime. " What, you, cherry-picking? I am amazed! The 'shocking' increase in crime is but one solitary figure in a broad and comprehensive report. I draw your attention to the comment from the spokesman for the Office for National Statistics, the body that released the report, who says: ""The recent increases in recorded crime need to be seen in the context of the overall decline in crime indicated by the Crime Survey for England and Wales," Decline means fall, by the way (and no, I make no apology about being factious towards someone who, in accusing me of deriding 'my' country - which isn't mine - is equally so towards me). Like most, I can see both sides of the coin here: I see the pros and cons of Brexit - and have drawn the conclusion that there are equal measures of each (hence my sympathy with my turnip-picking friends) and also accept - along with Eggy - that I cast my vote, and it wasn't the result I wanted. That's life, it's how it goes. It doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. Although, to be honest, I'm pretty ambivalent, as I'm sensible enough to see that I shouldn't really worry too much about it, as has also been pointed out on here. So, to reiterate - it's not your country, and it's not mine, and it never will be. It's a chunk of land that we happen to live on, and so do many other people. Crime is not spiralling at an alarming rate because of Muslims (oh, sorry, you didn't say that, did you? That was Mr Trump) and we are not all doomed to live in a society that is broken and failing, thanks to the immigrant population. The world is not about to end, and life goes on. Incidentally, and for the record, I live in a region with a low crime rate, and a high proportion of immigrants. Make of that what you will.
  11. Market Tavern Closed Down

    It's not part of the new shopping plans, and it is due to reopen, from what I've been told.
  12. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    "I just demand my country back" This has always amused me: who took it? I looked at a map just now, and it's still there. I know it's quite small - China could probably tuck it away in her handbag and nobody would notice - but I'm sure nobody has taken it yet.
  13. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    "...all those that voted to leave, and now realise they hadn't a clue what they were really voting..." Now now Eggy, this is not really fair, is it? Everyone knew they were voting on the thorny issue of immugracion, and for two reasons: one, all these foreigners who come over here and happily do the jobs that locals really don't want to do and will do everything possible to avoid, and two. to get rid of all the muslims who, as President Trump rightly states, are directly responsible for the 13% overall rise (or is it a 9% fall?) in crime in the UK across the last year. As I suspect most of the minority who voted to leave would put at the end of every Facebook argument, because it makes it final: Fact.
  14. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    "Pay up the money and keep mercury's exchange rate high." Thanks Eggy, glad to know someone has the welfare of the common man to hand! ! "Merc's exchange rate is against the USD" Of course it is; what right-minded industry uses the euro as the currency of choice? Far from rooting for anyone, I'll remind you once more the lovely high return I get is directly due to the Brexit vote, so I really think it would be great if we had another referendum, just to boost my earnings. I'm still perplexed as to, when all the Eastern Europeans get sent home (another thing loads of the leave brigade voted for) who is going to pick all the turnips around here? Mrs May hasn't mentioned that anywhere in her latest speeches, which is somewhat frustrating. With halloween fast approaching, this is a point that really should be at the very top of the agenda, as not only will it be a waste of turnips, but something has to be done about the rampant invasion of pumpkins. It was always turnips carved to a little evil face when i was a kid. Bloody americans...
  15. My Good Friend Charlie Kyle

    Hi Moe, great story - typical! I posted here as I know not everyone would have had access to the Facebook pages it was announced on. Charlie was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas some months ago, and knew - as many of use did - that the end wasn't far away. As I mentioned, he passed away in his spot at the bar, with friends around him. Lovely bloke.