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  1. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    BTW 3G you'd love it around here! Just the other day I got all my shopping in at a Polish supermarket; bargains to be had, I tell you! And, amazingly, not once was I robbed, beaten or even insulted or looked at in a strange way by those Nasty Immigrants!
  2. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    It's he EU flag, ThreeGee. It was there when I bought the car. Indeed, I thought long and hard about going through with the purchase, fearing it may have some terrible effect on me and make me feel less British (no, I didn't). "I think CL needs to think a little more deeply on the matter" I really don't think so, as she's made it quite clear it's a non-issue; if you don't want the EU flag - or any other - on your car number plate, you don't have to have it. If you do, you can. I quite like having that freedom of choice, don't you?
  3. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    "I understand the EU flag it's pretty much imposed on you" Not on number plates. Of the five cars outside my window only one (mine) shows any flag. It's up to you.
  4. PETITION: Flying the flag once again!

    I've never had a car with the Union Flag on the number plate, and my current one is the only one I've had with Eu flag on it.
  5. Merry Christmas

    A Merry Christmas to one and all. Looking forward to my first Tumby Christmas. Hopefully, by then, we will have the heating and electric fixed so I won't have frozen to death.
  6. The Tumby Life

    Orloff, I think that would possibly be John Shelley; we have never met, but shared a much-missed uncle! Love the Vespa idea; do you take it to shows?
  7. The Tumby Life

    Aha, perhaps! It would appear I am Mercuryg when posting from my laptop, but my other self when on mobile. mucho confusing!
  8. The Tumby Life

    Who am I today then?
  9. The Tumby Life

    It is certainly a different place to Bedlington, this curious and extremely laid back little corner of Lincolnshire. As it tends to be quiet on here these days, I thought I'd offer you a little insight into my new surroundings. We have dogs - see the picture, that's two thirds of them - plus horses, both large and small, a donkey (fabulous ears) there goats, a cat, two tortoises and a lizard. That's the captive zoo; when it comes to wild animals, we have everything from mice and rats, a plethora of garden birds (of which the notorious Tumby Tits deserve singling out; you thought a pack of piranhas were fast? You should see this lot), squirrels, rabbits - including local wild black variety - badgers and moles, plus deer and a wide variety of game birds. And, last but not least, the legendary Dogdyke Werewolf, the corpse of which was allegedly dug up in an adjacent field, leading to the hapless young man who found it being terrorised and thus re-burying the bones, which lie their to this day...spooky!! Anyway, dogs...
  10. Block to Black

    That's the one! Always loved that mentality: finish work for the holiday, go out and get p****d, call someone's pint something horrible, get punched. Magnificent pre-Christmas night out.
  11. Block to Black

    Great card Eggy! The Mini could do with a bit of tinsel on it, though.
  12. Block to Black

    "Is it just that BF isn't what it originally was?" That would be the Friday before Christmas, then, when people routinely get pissed and end up having a fight? Given it's only been a retail phenomenon in the UK for the past 10 (if that) years, it's of little surprise you (like me) are far from interested! In fact, I'll try my best to avoid shops from now until after the New Year! Some good offers on Chromebooks online.
  13. Personally... I Blame Brexit

  14. Personally... I Blame Brexit

  15. Petition: Leave the EU immediately

    All are welcome in the Tumby Stable Bar, Foxy (including that lovely daughter of yours) but I doubt 3G would like it. There's likely to be people who either disagree with him, or couldn't care less and carry on plucking their banjos (oo-er missus!)