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  1. He was the King of Trees Keeper of the Glade Beneath his leaves he gave Shelter from the rain we used to meet by him far from the bustling town We loved him Now they,ve come to cut him down!!!
  2. Very sorry to hear of Mikes passing, i have read and saved many copies of his Creefuls, My condolences to Lorna, God bless
  3. I spent many an afternoon at Moscadinis and if yi had a lass wi yi the juke box was the best, aal the latest songs, But Bacci aalwaas paid off the best wi th Pin baal machines, an Naain hoo ti nudge was the key ti winnin,.... It wes great ti be young back then
  4. the words of Theodore Roosevelt... speak softly ...but carry a big stick ,....he led the rough riders to victory
  5. Anybody remember when the Troggs played at the Domino? .....Girl.. you really got me now ..you got me so I don't know what I,m doing yeah Girl you really got me going.... they charged top dollar te see them I was underwhelmed te say the least, seeing them live but the song has grown on me and I play it in the car on occasion
  6. I went to Whitley and westridge with David Arkle who lived at the top of bedlington bank...very nice lad he was
  7. Jack was just a baby when I got him so maybe his mother died and so the rest of the " Train or Clattering " of jackdaws had to delete his blood line from their family. That make very good sense Keith thank you, I have always wanted to make a childrens book about it so now I have to soften the ending somehow
  8. Back in about 1962 I was around 9 year auld and I had a paper route with Taits doon at the station, the alarm hadn't gone off but I heard such a clamour outside the window on Hirst terrace, I looked oot and the sky was filled wi jackdaws, mebbees a hundred or so and they wor aal dive bombing this baby jackdaw on the roof across the street and pecking at him, it was still pretty dark but I run outside in me Jarmas an bare feet an tried ti help the poor bugga,... he comes flutterin off the roof and lands on top of the hedge an aah gan ti pick him up when Aal the bords start divin at me an tryin te giv is wot fer so Aah tucks him in me jarmas an runs for my door. I found a cardboard box and give him some bread and milk, then I dress an hop on me bike te pick up an deliver me papers before school starts. I came yem after school an gan reet te check him out an he,s deeing just fine, day after day I stick with him and he starts growing bigger so I build him a hoose out of aad crates in me backyard and I begin to train him to hop to and then fly to me..... The strange thing was that every time I took him to fly in the park or doon the Hapenny woods a group of jackdaws would show up and start attacking him, it happened every time, and then a jackdaw or two would always sit on the gutter at 31 Gladstone terrace across the way and if I left the yard with jack they would start raising the alarm and 20-30 of them would show up. He only liked me and my older brother David was always jealous that jack would not do anything for him at all except fly back ti me!!! I would go swimming in the Blyth river wi him aal the time an he would sit on my hand and flap his wings in the wetta and shake his head aboot and hev a nice drink too. The Sentinel Jackdaws never stopped following us ever and for about 3 years we were best mates and he knew that if he got back on me shoulder I would protect him, we would gan up ti the market place on Saturdays ti get me comics at Carrs and he would like ti dive bomb the cars in the road an give them a Glif or two, he learned ti talk a little and could say mebbees 6 or 7 words and he had a real personality about him. But then one day I was very late getting out of school and as I came into the back yard jack would usually call to me but not today........ David was standing next to the open cage as white as a sheet and mumbling about how it was an accident!!!!! I turned and ran like hell down to Wades farm to the tree that was Jacks favorite and as I ran I could see dozens of jackdaws flying back up towards the market place..... I got to the tree and looking down he lay dead at the base of the tree...... My heart broke into pieces that day and I never said a word to David about it until many years later. And I never knew why he was marked for all that time by the other Jack daws True story... Sad but True
  9. Thanks everyone, I,ll check things out, Nice monkey
  10. I had just got out of the Blyth river after a swim with Jack, ( he luvved the wettar ) and aah wes just putting on me jarsey wen he tuk the shot, it wes just a luvvly day an aal nivva ivar ferget it
  11. Great information from this subject.... Thank you
  12. This is me and my pet Jackdaw, Jack doon at Hartford woods. A photographer for Chronicle took this and sent it to me but I was never able to find the story written with it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot! [photo attached]
  13. A metal detector on the church road down to Humford might turn up some relics??
  14. This PDF is really great, Thank you
  15. Thanks to all of you for the kind wishes, I haven't been on the site for a while and just saw it now, I did have a great day and a lovely dinner out with my wife Donna
  16. Now I see what the building would look like I think it is an attractive design but the question of where they park remains a mystery??? was this question ever brought up at the meetings??? even if the correct number of planned units is 19 it still creates havoc for the people who would shop here, I live in the US now and a few years ago a developer wanted to build a 350 unit Condominium, he had enough ground for Parking but the road traffic would have increased by at least 700 vehicles and morning commutes would have been horrible, people objected and the plan was turned down. they put new housing in the old playing field on Church road or that would have been perfect............there is nowhere to Park!!!!!?????
  17. So if they build 39 units at the old school, maybe 2 people per unit maybe 3 where is the parking for all the cars that will need it ????? on Church Road??
  18. The Purple crystals were Amethyst, a type of quartz, they were a dark grey rock til you broke one open to reveal a cavity inside full of crystals also all of the fossils that were found in the pit and Wor Dad would bring them home if they stood out or were unusual, leaves of ancient trees, sometimes a fish or an insect, never remember any Mammal fossils though.
  19. Age 14 at the Dun Cow...........My brother and the Golding twins, we were in the lounge and Micky G and me gan ti order them in and pay fer them, we gan ti sit back doon....it teks a while like and then the barkeep brings em in an sits em on the cheble, we aal hev a few sips each and noo in waaalks the police, aav nivva felt see bad in me life when he asked my age aah said 18 of course but then he asks me name and address and aah tell him the truth!!!!! of course we have shamed wor parents something aaful and we aal hev ti gan ti court on a school day up at the top end. I get 5 pound fine fer buying it and 5 pounds for buying for someone else, ( me daft brother!!) he got nowt, Micky Golding got the same and Alan got off since the copper never saw the beer touch their mouths, I had to use my money from my paper rounds for months ti pay me father back and we never did hear the end of it until he passed away in 91, God bless him. It took about another year before we had a connection wi the barman at the side door of the monkey and we nivva got pinched again, I aalways did hate Vaux beer and Camerons wasn't much either compared with Blue Star
  20. I read it when it forst came oot an a luved it, He,s from Tynemooth and used ti deliva milk wi ees dad ivry morning, he went ti newcasstle college of art but also taught in durham as weel later on, theres nowt uppity aboot him that I can see.
  21. Happy Birthday Canny lass, all the best
  22. I have the book Larn yersel Geordie back from the 70 s aaal me friends are welcome tiv it, gis a yonk at himalaya72@gmail,com
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