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  1. He was the King of Trees Keeper of the Glade Beneath his leaves he gave Shelter from the rain we used to meet by him far from the bustling town We loved him Now they,ve come to cut him down!!!
  2. Very sorry to hear of Mikes passing, i have read and saved many copies of his Creefuls, My condolences to Lorna, God bless
  3. I spent many an afternoon at Moscadinis and if yi had a lass wi yi the juke box was the best, aal the latest songs, But Bacci aalwaas paid off the best wi th Pin baal machines, an Naain hoo ti nudge was the key ti winnin,.... It wes great ti be young back then
  4. the words of Theodore Roosevelt... speak softly ...but carry a big stick ,....he led the rough riders to victory
  5. Anybody remember when the Troggs played at the Domino? .....Girl.. you really got me now ..you got me so I don't know what I,m doing yeah Girl you really got me going.... they charged top dollar te see them I was underwhelmed te say the least, seeing them live but the song has grown on me and I play it in the car on occasion
  6. Jack was just a baby when I got him so maybe his mother died and so the rest of the " Train or Clattering " of jackdaws had to delete his blood line from their family. That make very good sense Keith thank you, I have always wanted to make a childrens book about it so now I have to soften the ending somehow
  7. Back in about 1962 I was around 9 year auld and I had a paper route with Taits doon at the station, the alarm hadn't gone off but I heard such a clamour outside the window on Hirst terrace, I looked oot and the sky was filled wi jackdaws, mebbees a hundred or so and they wor aal dive bombing this baby jackdaw on the roof across the street and pecking at him, it was still pretty dark but I run outside in me Jarmas an bare feet an tried ti help the poor bugga,... he comes flutterin off the roof and lands on top of the hedge an aah gan ti pick him up when Aal the bords start divin at me an tryin
  8. Great information from this subject.... Thank you
  9. A metal detector on the church road down to Humford might turn up some relics??
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