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    micklefield (altho previously stakeford)
  1. PussyKat

    Like: The Large Selection Of Pubs And Clubs

    that sounds about right lol
  2. PussyKat

    Like: The Large Selection Of Pubs And Clubs

    and who can forget them cheap plastic tables and the newbiggin corner?
  3. PussyKat

    Loathe: The Condition Of Some Of The Roads

    is that the hair pin bend near the bank top pub? if it is then its a crackin road if you like fast corners lol
  4. PussyKat

    Newbiggin Couple

    ta for the pics - was wondering wat they looked like - will fetch me bloke for a look when we're up visitin next month - he ain't had the pleasure of newbiggin yet lol
  5. you wanna try living where i do - bedlington would be classed as paradise. we got 1 pub (and its crap) and an indian takeaway which is pretty decent. only good thing is train station bein at end of street and we can be in leeds or york in 20 mins
  6. PussyKat

    Like: The Large Selection Of Pubs And Clubs

    i used to like the domino - altho it dont exist these days
  7. PussyKat

    Elvis Celebrates His Death!

    he was on the bog apparently
  8. PussyKat

    Shower Like A Woman

    rotfpmsl - keep em comin
  9. PussyKat

    Shower Like A Woman

    we aint all like that you no!!
  10. PussyKat

    More Injuries

    to be honest as long as we finish above the mackums i'll be happy!
  11. PussyKat


    was listening to TFM last nite (only kind of north east station i can get) and the DJ - Gary reckons the same, why weren't the kids being looked after, most of these hotels offere baby sitting services anyway, and how come only maddie went and not the twins, i just hope that IF she is dead then it was quick and she didnt suffer.
  12. PussyKat


    got no chance down here tonite, not if the weather forecasters are correct
  13. PussyKat


    sleep overcame me and i wasnt gonna set the alarm either lol. were they any good?
  14. PussyKat

    More Injuries

    "we are top of the league"
  15. PussyKat

    Black Testicles

    i prefer them with hoi sin sauce, cucumber and spring onions myself!