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  1. dunno whats allowed on here and what isnt as I just joined today. But I have a nice little downstaiars two bedroom flat to rent in a good area of bedlington. Rent is £385 pcm and theres no bond. Dunno if I am allowed to leave a phone number. Somebody needs to explain the rules to me. :-))) Maureen. K & M Reed Properties.
  2. i never found the rats yet denzel but they say, on a quiet night, if you are very still, there are a few ghosts that haunt the corridors. maybe the ghosts frightenned all the rats away.
  3. Thanks mr darn. you are very kind. . you will, by now know, its netherton colliery, which is just beside nedderton. keep on asking. anything would be apreciated but caroles might be hard to beat.
  4. hi carole, I got the pic eventually. It is absolutely amazing. The old house hasnt changed much.....the black bits have been cleaned off and some new windows put in but otherwise it looks pretty much the same. We have been trying since 1999 to get a pic of our house and i think you must have the only one in existance. so well done and thanks ever so much. Isnt it a shame that it was ever pulled down. I'd have had lots of fun restoring it to its former glory had it been left intact. The council, in their wisdom, wont let me replace the building. Such a shame that such a part of bedlington#s history is gone forever. Anyway, thanks so very much. It means a lot to me and I'll stand you a pint if we ever run into you. any more pics anyone has would be gratefully appreciated. maureen and keith
  5. i live in the storehouse at netherton. does anyone have any old pictures of my house. it used to be the co-op before it was burned down and i live in the half that survived the fire. maureen
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