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  1. Wilma - great stories. Keep the coming! (Alan Burn's laddie here!)
  2. Sick. I hope that bastard(s) that have done this are caught and burn in hell.
  3. The Sun as well? Christ - I remember how vibrant Bedlington used to be on a Sat night, 5/6 years ago. It's been left to rot. Just hasn't moved on with the times.
  4. Big_Geordie


    Mad Frankie is dead? I was 15 when those stories started - even made the front page of the local free paper, IIRC.
  5. This would be the transport system that has received minimal investment for years and years? You can bet your bottom dollar that the new power station will now get the go ahead at Cambois. That'll be the major reason as to why the eco-town is a no-go.
  6. Merlin - the Eco village is being proposed to be built on where Vald Birn used to be, as well as the brown field site behind the Bucaneer. That's as much as I know. With regards to the power station - they had sited it behind the dog track/Cambois Park. It's still undecided though. I'd bet that if it goes ahead, it'll go where the old one used to be.
  7. My old man lives at Cambois. I think many of the locals want to see the regeneration of the village, but seem worried that all of the investment will go to this new development. The other end of the village (not far from where the Power Station used to be) still lacks some things which many of us take for granted. For example, a mains gas supply and also no village shop. The last one was barely open for 6 months before it went bust. The thing is with Cambois - there's a lot of land there which is ripe for redevelopment. The eco village will be good, but the whole area needs sorting, not just the area near Brown's Farm. And then of course - there's the new proposed Power Station !
  8. The Street needs more than The Lion sorting itself out, in order to try and reclaim the glory days. The North is probably the best pub by a mile, but I hear that was even pretty poor for New Year's Eve.
  9. I remember when if you went in for 730pm on a Saturday night, it'd often take you 15-20mins to get served at the bar - it was that chocka. Morpeth has left Bedlington for dead for being the place to go on a Sat night. That's what happens when you invest in good bars and keeping the riff-raff to a minimum. Many pubs in Bedlington (perhaps bar The North) are stuck in a bloody timewarp.
  10. It'll take more than a new blerk in charge to save The Lion. The Sat nights of 5-10 years ago in Bedlington are now nothing but a distant memory. Shame as a crawl up and down the street used to be quality.
  11. Yeah - I was always under the impression that's how the club managed to stay afloat, due to them no longer having influence ?
  12. Oh - I stand corrected then. Perhaps the NPL are trying to emulate the Chronicle when it comes to rumours.
  13. Caught a bit of the News Post Leader when I was at my dad's last week. Is it true that Keith Perry is back in charge of managing Bedlington Terriers ? If so - didn't see that one coming seeing as he 'may' have been a reason as to why the club found itself in difficulty not so long ago. I guess he must be skint then ?!
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