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  1. I must say in Bed Station's defence the new tubs and hanging baskets (Yes if you look properly there are plenty of new tubs of flowers and hanging baskets up.) look very nice so they are making a start. So as to try and get your views to the right people I am printing this thread out for a parish councellor of Bedlington Station that I know. (I think the worst thing about Bed station is the Xmas lights that stay up all year.)
  2. I agree. We went for a meal and it was good value and pleasant. 2 drinks each, a shared starter and main course each for around £30. The only thing is I think they still have a few issues re service. Lots of staff but they don't seem to know what they're doing apart from the bloke. Give it a try and post what you think. I'd be interested to see how others have found it.
  3. Sorry haven't been on for ages... Both times I visited were for family birthdays (boyf's parents who can't get far) and I wasn't paying and didn't want to spoil their night by complaining, don't get me wrong it wasn't appaling. Just won't be rushing back out of choice is all.
  4. On a serious note I have been to accolade on 2 occasions. First time the food was edible but nothing special and the starter was really bad value for money, not because it was over a fiver but because it was poor quality duck and hardly any salad. On the second occasion the starter was ok, nothing memorable as I can't even remember it. But the main course was horrible. Not edible really. (Chewy steak.) I won't be hurrying back. I'm not dissing people trying to make a go of a business in Bedlington, fair play to them. I just can't see what the fuss is about for this average at best restaurant. If there was more competition in bedlington people wouldn't settle for hitty/missy quality. I would recommend going to Ashianna to anybody wishing to eat out in Bedlington.
  5. On radio newcastle at 8.40 too according to FB. The group has 1499 members the last time i looked! My mate from Oz is also a member!! I was a member when it was a mere 6hundred and odd! Just goes to show what can be done! Hope it makes an old man very happy.
  6. Carbon Footprint! Very pretty though.
  7. Just to report the kids absolutely loved talking about Bedlington and seeing old pictures. They could not believe there was a swimming pool! They provided the anecdotes and stories after talking to relatives. Ofsted would've loved it!
  8. Well the lesson is tomorrow so thanks for your help guys. Hmph.
  9. Glad to say I've had no problems with Royal Mail. It's some of the other couriers that nark me. Why they won't just deliver stuff to my neighbours who are always in is beyond me, especially when I've left an instruction to do so when placing my order. I won't order things from topshop or boots online for this exact reason! I think DHL are pants too. Am hardly going to drive to team valley to pick something up! This reminds me of my favourite tip from Viz, 'Postmen,increase your chances of getting a Christmas tip by not being such a miserable ---- the other 364 days of the year.' Not my words though!
  10. I would like to give some 8 and 9 year olds a really good insight into what Bedlington used to be like. I've found lots of old photos but would love some memories and anecdotes to go with them. I'm thinking about basing it around the themes of - Schools. - Work (Furness bank, old ironworks,The pit(s.) - Transport. - Shops. - Things to do (Humford baths.The miners picnics etc..) I'm not looking at any particular era just keeping it nice and simple as they are only 8.
  11. How about they questionnaire the Bedlington public? Or would that be too sensible? It's a proposterous idea. Bedlington truly will be a ghost town. I'm sure many of the people who work in the businesses on the front street use the car park. Parking charges suggest a town that is doing well economically. They truly must want to see Bedlington right down the swanney. Idiots. If it comes through I suggest we actually try to do something about it. Petition/stop using tescos etc
  12. Keep in polytunnel nice and hot. Snap off random bits of plant with no tomatoes on! Beginners luck I think. Got lots of green ones too. Loads of chillies thanks and even a butternut squash. Our onions aren't great. Thought they would be dead easy to grow. I was wrong. They are the size of small onions. Neglecting the garden in this weather though! and leek show on Saturday eeek!
  13. Go you Fourgee! I've got both series on DVD. It's about time Bedlington was introduced to the genius of Brett and Jemaine!
  14. Mr Hair has been making chutney very similar to the one you described! He did his Hugh Fernley Whittingstall style. Yes the neighbours got 2 jars each! He added a roasted spice mixture containing ginger, chillies and lots of dried spices to half of it, I have to say that is nicer than the plainer stuff. I don't think I can get away wit the stuff meself like. Find the marrow skin too tough. Another tip for a glut of tomatoes, make brushetta. Very popular with my Sunday dinner guests. - Skin and de-seed and chop loads of tomatoes. - put in a colander and sprinkle with salt to get excess water off. - Add finely chopped garlic to taste. Season. Chuck some olive oil in and mix. - Keep mixture in fridge overnight. - drain off excess water and add finely chopped basil and red onion. - serve on toasted nice bread thats been drizzled with olive oil and rubbed with a clove of garlic. Have fun with it!
  15. The workmen had to take all the 3 by 3 blocks out by hand today. Last nights shift had put them in at the wrong height. They were slightly disheartened to say the least.
  16. I do believe I see mine papa in the top lefthand corner! Ha! better check with him first though!
  17. Thank you all for the kind birthday wishes. Enjoyed my birthday celebrations in our capital city. Was pleased to get back to sunny bedlington though. Bedlington Cars beats the tube and Lazzas beats starbucks any day! xx
  18. Has anyone else noticed how small the garden waste bags are this year? Just wanted to get it off my chest! Sick of grass spilling all over trying to empty the lawnmower box into them! They are no cheaper either. Rip off!
  19. Yes I used to avoid walking over 3 drains when I was a kid>teen but forgot about it until now. Cool, I was short of things to worry about now swine flu seems to have gone away.
  20. Come up with a haiku then monsta if your so clever!
  21. Belta Excellent Delightful Lovely I love it! Notable Great Terrific Oooh it's fab! Nice There. A positive one. (I think mine is more of a level 2B!)
  22. Fan_ y _hat (RIP) The Sun Inn (RIP) Still Waxa though. (I know they are more than 1 word.)
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