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  1. Thanks for the comments, and thanks for the link Adam.
  2. On behalf of a friend I am looking for a photo of the old steel bridge that crossed the river Blyth at the atlee park. I think it was connected to the open cast work of that era. He has pics of the bridge under construction but not a one of the bridge in its finished state. Hope some one can help. Thanks Dr Pit
  3. I think it might have closed around about 1955, but i am not really sure.
  4. Can anyone remember Arthur Butchers shop on the glebe bank. It was a general dealers, I think a couple of doors down from the prince of Wales picture house (now the gym) It was next door to a chip shop, but closed down( converted to a house) in the early fifties.
  5. Foxy do u have any photos of any of Hemsteads shops? I have seen one before I am sure, but dont have any. Thanks.
  6. Got some christmas crackers left if you want them Foxy.
  7. They struggle to rent them never mind sell them, reckon they are tiny.
  8. Bill hemsted was my Great great grandfather as well.. He had I believe three shops in Bedlington at one time, as you say where best bite is now, also a few doors away (later millers bingo) and another at the top end ( i think where the top end chemists is now) See if I can find any photos..
  9. Foxy, The last ship built and completed in Blyth was the Rogate (number 395) in 1967. There were two built after this but they were not completed. They were later finished in, I am told, India.These were the called hopper barge number 4, and number 5. Owt else just ask.
  10. Spoke to the vets and they have located the owner and reunited them with the dog.
  11. Approx 330 pm today I found a Bordier terrier bitch on the front street (walking in front of cars) I stopped and got out of my car to try and stop it from getting knocked over. It had no collar or tags, so I took it along to the vets (Robson and Prescott) where they scanned the dog for a microchip, but unfortunately it had not been chipped. Anyway the people there were very helpful and were trying to contact any possible owners when I left. Other people who were on the street said it had been outside Tesco for a while, so I informed Tesco of the happenings and gave them the vets number. Also told the police incase anyone asked there. So if anyone knows of anyone who has lost a Border terrier bitch contact Robson and Prescotts asap as they may have passed the dog onto the council / dog warden ? Hope it ends well as it was a nice well behaved little dog.
  12. Best meal I have had out in a very long time. Nice to see a place like this in Bedlington. Highly reccomend this restaurant!
  13. Out walking the dog this afternoon coming from cemetary / west lee area along the path towards the hartlands came across two people who warned me of a snake on the path. Sure enough there was a snake about 3 - 4 feet long. Not sure what kind it was but far to big to be an Adder. Presume it is a pet that has escaped. My wife phoned the local police who were less than interested and told her to ring RSPCA ! It sloped off into the hedge , so if anyone has lost one and wants any further info get in touch. Also watch out if you are around there with kids, dogs, etc.
  14. I believe he lives on the church lane.
  15. Is he coming up here Foxy?
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