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  1. I recognise her, it's Sheila Short, i used to work for her and Tommy.
  2. My hubby thinks the girl (seated row) 3rd from left is his cousin Christine Riddell (now Taylor) and the girl 3rd from right is Alison Short (now Coull)
  3. Pft!! Malcolm..........what's the health and safety issue? I can't remember there being any issues when i took my daughter and son there to play when they were young
  4. Went to Dr Pit park on Saturday afternoon with my two small grand daughters, there were quite a few people using the facilities, bowling, kids on skatedoards, football game going on, and a few kids on the swings etc i did think that as we are now well under way with the summer holidays the paddling pool would have had some water in for the kids to splash around in!! anyone know the reason why it is not filled? Also, while i took drinks and fruit with me it would be nice if there was some kind of kiosk selling drinks, snacks and ice-creams.
  5. The Terrier land will have 10 or 12 bungalows built to accomodate clients from Glebe road hostel, Glebe Road Hostel will then be demolished and a new sheltered housing block will be built for the residents who are presently living in Glebe Court (sheltered accomodation) The current Glebe Court Sheltered housing block will then be demolished. confused...............ha ha
  6. charlie

    Corner Shops

    That was Culverwell's i think?
  7. Tommy Brown (r.i.p) was compere and if i remember right the band was possibly Prism?
  8. charlie

    Guess Where

    Wadies aka Wades Farm? p.s if i'm right and it's my go,i don't do uploads or attachments so anyone else please feel free to add one on my behalf thanks
  9. Gee up Rudolph !! ha ha A very Merry Christmas to you all, and extra special wishes to all those who have to work during the festivities and also our servicemen and women. Stay safe xx
  10. charlie

    The Alley Cats

    I was in the Tavern last night, enjoyed seeing the Alley Cats again.
  11. Contact Number for Northumberland County Council 0845 600 4 600 Apologies.... The correct number is 0845 600 6 400
  12. Contact Number for Northumberland County Council 0845 600 4 600 You are right........everyone does have a part to play and it is up to the public to report these things otherwise how will the Council know about damages. I used to work for a "Local Council" and my family and friends would often complain to me about a street light not working for weeks and say "it's a bloody disgrace because it's dark and not safe" i would ask them "have you reported it"? they always said no!! How the hell can the council repair something if all people do is complain among themselves but not bother making a phone call or going into one of the offices? Every one just assumes someone else will report the problem when in fact no one does. The staff don't drive around at night in the dark looking to see what lights are off or do walk abouts during the day to check for graffiti (maybe they should). p.s is dosn't matter what department you work in or what job you do,.... you work for the "cooncil" so you're to blame
  13. It was damaged in the high/strong winds on Sunday night.
  14. Yes but it's our stink hole. At least the other stink holes you mention do have shops where you can buy clothes and electrical items, at the minute you cannot even buy a pair of knickers or underpants in Bedlington. If a couple of high street names were to come to here it might encourage more independant traders to invest in Bedlington, and although i do use Tesco it may as well close and go elsewhere unless they can expand and start selling more variety of products like the one they have at Kingston Park which i and a lot more people thought they were going to do.
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