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  1. On 1/10/2017 at 03:28, samuel said:

    I AM a retired Cinema operator and would like to know if the people of Choppington and surrounding area would like a part time Cinema locally. running films that will be a few weeks older but in a warm local friendly surroundings, at very low prices and 90% of the content shown will be family films and special matinees of Disney Films for the younger ones. All enquiries please tel Sam Lavington on 07708192652  We are also seeking a suitable venue we can use for up to three days weekly possibly Friday/Saturdays


    I hope this is successful Samuel, we used to have a movie theatre here in town but it has long long gone, our nearest one is 120 miles away, and yes people travel after work to take in a movie and popcorn. 

    I remember in the early 1950's in Rothbury waiting for second house! (I think movies were only every Thursday sitting on forms in the village hall) being from Blyth we were spoiled with all those venues!

    Good luck. 

  2. I also spent many hours/ days converting our Standard 8 and Super 8 cine films, projector, screen and background music,(poor quality) then later onto DVD, I tried editing but found even bad pictures or double exposed sections were worth keeping! 

    At my wedding 1962 my dad bought a 9.5 camera with film in it, then he had it developed, we have never been able to view it! looking at the film you can see us getting into our BMW (Isseta!) car and driving away, I had a company try and convert it but got nothing back, just a blank tape.(I still have the camera.)

    In 1963 My dad and I bought a used Standard 8 camera from a gentleman in Bedlington! we then progressed on to Super 8 and eventually VHS, now I'm looking at how to get the DVD onto my computer and thumb drives

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  3. HPW, MICC Pyrotenax, Mineral (chalk) Insulated copper cable. Most commonly used for fire alarms systems and explosive atmospheres , (usually orange plastic covered) It wasn't very flexible so only used in permanent installations, never heard of it being used underground but used extensively in industrial and commercial applications where fire may damage and cause the equipment to fail, the copper sheath was stripped (using the said stripping tool) to expose the copper conductors, a pot was then screwed onto the sheath then filled with an insulating putty (thermocouples would be filled with a melted glass) a seal would then be crimped sealing it. After both ends were sealed a 500v-1000v meggar was used for testing and identifying the conductors, I haven't seen any over here so the last terminations I did would be over 40 years ago! I remember doing thousands on the soot blowers at the (late) power station and at Alcan Smelter. The largest size I ever used was at the WOOLCO Kilingworth on the roof mounted AC units. 


    Right on with the P.I.L.S.D.W.A. wrestled with that a few times.. now you have me rambling on...

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  4. Just now, threegee said:

    Be careful what you ask for!

    SNOW BOMB: Wall of SNOW to SMASH UK as deadly blizzards hit in COLDEST freeze for 53 YEARS

    Of course the likelihood is it's Jeremy Corby's brother Piers at his crystal ball again, so we can all relax - probably!

    If that's not enough to invoke the spirit of the Christmas' past then how about train and postal strikes to add to the authenticity?

    No, it's true! we've had enough and sending whats left, it'll be there soon.

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  5. Hi HPW, I ended up with a 2010 Ford Escape (I got to know it when working in the jail!) final decision was that it was top of the line with loads of rebates and a retire- your-ride program (designed to get older less efficient vehicles off the road) ($7,000 total) my short list had three similar vehicles. My daughter and grande daughter both have the newer versions. AWD was a must because of our weather and location.

    BUT Doreen has only been in it twice! it isn't the most accessible for anyone with mobility issues! So we use the 2001 Ford Windstar van as our primary vehicle as the seats are quite high and the floor is level and no ledge, no foot-well, tailgate opens fully to access her folding walker, again a level floor and no edge to lift over, the floor level is a major factor depending on your wife's mobility! lots of room for the groceries.

    The Vauxhall Zafira is not available here,(I Googled it)  but I'd look at it's accessability befor performance (within reason) will you need ramps etc, would a trailer be practical! open/ closed, plenty for you to think about. Are there any government programs you can access?


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