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  1. Hi HPW, I ended up with a 2010 Ford Escape (I got to know it when working in the jail!) final decision was that it was top of the line with loads of rebates and a retire- your-ride program (designed to get older less efficient vehicles off the road) ($7,000 total) my short list had three similar vehicles. My daughter and grande daughter both have the newer versions. AWD was a must because of our weather and location.

    BUT Doreen has only been in it twice! it isn't the most accessible for anyone with mobility issues! So we use the 2001 Ford Windstar van as our primary vehicle as the seats are quite high and the floor is level and no ledge, no foot-well, tailgate opens fully to access her folding walker, again a level floor and no edge to lift over, the floor level is a major factor depending on your wife's mobility! lots of room for the groceries.

    The Vauxhall Zafira is not available here,(I Googled it)  but I'd look at it's accessability befor performance (within reason) will you need ramps etc, would a trailer be practical! open/ closed, plenty for you to think about. Are there any government programs you can access?


  2. 2 hours ago, HIGH PIT WILMA said:


    Er,Vic,21 is Rita Wheallans without a Doubt,my two little friends and neighbours [Doreen Dagless  and Maureen Dean],are nos 36 and 37 respectfully,with Rosemary Oliver sitting next to them on the right.

    Sorry HPW, #21, I have had that "stare"more than once... Maureen (my sister-in-law) is a year older and assures us she was never it Dot's class.


  3. Thank you Pete, Thanksgiving is the U.S. and Canadian equivalent of Harvest Festival,( I think!) The end of the general harvesting for most farmers. Usually celebrated with a turkey dinner and family.

    Heating is turned on, winter tyres on the vehicles, snow shovels at the ready, snowblower all primed!

  4. 5 hours ago, webtrekker said:

    Fair enough Vic, but when you say 'decent and honest' you are referring to the borrower, not the lender. If you borrowed 10 grand and slaved most of your life trying to repay 3 times the amount you borrowed before discovering that the money came from nowhere and the lender wouldn't even be out of pocket if it was never paid back, would you not feel a little peeved? Add to that the situation where people go back to the bank saying they can't afford to repay the loan and come out with a BIGGER loan at the 'sound advice' of the bank manager!

    It's bloody criminal!

    I should add though that if I borrowed any amount from family and friends then I'd repay it asap and add on my own interest even if it was never asked for.

    I agree 100% yes I'm referring to the real people not the money institutions, I have no love for the financial institutions, businesses, banks lenders etc, I think it is criminal to allow the rates and charges they are allowed to bleed from the working people then see the record breaking profits they make for their shareholders.

    Alberta recently legislated BIG changes what lenders can bleed from the public, pity they couldn’t do the same to banks, living in a small town it’s easy to use the bank as you are friends and neighbours to the manager, tellers and the janitor but the same gouging rules apply. I don’t ever remember going into a bank in the UK!

    I do remember my mom getting a "Provi" for our shoes etc,

  5. Oh what a sleekit, horrible beastie
    Lurks in yer stomach efter a feastie
    As ye sit doon amang yer kin,
    There starts to stir a michty wind.

    The neeps and tatties and mushie peas,
    Stert workin like a gentle breeze
    But soon the puddin' wi' the sonsie face
    Will hiv ye blawin' a' ower the place.

    Nae matter whit the hell ye dae
    A?'body's gonnae huv tae pay
    Even if ye try tae stifle,
    It's like a bullet oot a rifle.

    Haud yer bum tight tae the chair
    Tae try tae stop the leakin' air.
    Shift yersel' fae cheek tae cheek
    An' pray to God it disnae reek.

    But a' yer efforts go assunder,
    Oot it comes like a clap o' thunder.
    It ricochets aroon' the room,
    Michty me! A sonic boom!

    God almighty, It fairly reeks
    (I hope a hivnae' shit ma breeks)
    Straight tae the bog ah better scurry
    Aw whit the hell, It's no ma worry.

    A'body roon'aboot me's chokin'
    Wan or twa are nearly bokin'.
    Ah'll feel much better fur a while,
    Ah cannae help but raise a smile.

    'Twis him!! Ah shout, wi' accusin' glower.
    Alas, tae late. He's jist keeled ower.
    'Ye mingin' clert!' They shout and stare.
    Ah amnae welcome ony mair.

    Where e'er ye be, Let yer wind gang free
    (Sounds jist the job fir thee an me)
    Whit a fuss at Rabbies pairty
    Ower the sake o' wan wee ferty.


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