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  1. Two arrived here but there was no message attached, they were very tasty.
  2. Thank you CL, yes the snow has been here long enough, we had quite a lot this year but it hasn't snowed for a few days and its quite a bit warmer, I even had a summer jacket on for my daily walk yesterday, but its still about six weeks away from seeing any plant life, the frost should out of the ground by early May thats when I plant the garden.
  3. Thank you Pete, it hasn't snowed for a few days now, it is forecast again in a few days, we have had daytime plus temperatures for three days now (+5c yesterday) and lost a lot of snow.
  4. Out of curiosity when I was in our supermarket today I checked out the candy section, lots of Cadbury's, Hershey and many others chocolate products, eggs and bunnies etc but there was only one package that said Easter on it and that was one of the Cadbury's mini eggs packages. But alas they were completely out of hot cross buns, (I don't like them but the "boss" does)
  5. The Laverock hall road is the A1061 the road coming out of Blyth from Newsham, up to the roundabout that right takes you Bedlington, Horton and Three horse shoes and left to Seaton Delaval, straight over towards Shankhouse and Cramlington. I'm not sure what leaves would be used when dying the eggs, the yellow gorse flower was under the onion skin, tied with thread I'd guess the the leaves would have been also from the gorse bush!
  6. Used to do this but not the star shaped leaf, often put coffee in for more colour, writing name with a candle, my dad used to decorate eggs and we would win competitions with them! we ALWAYS had a egg japping contest before eating, pointy end then the blunt end! When dad was lad they used to go farm to farm to be given eggs, duck, goose, hens etc Wasn't Shankhouse up just past Three horse shoes pub? top of the Laverock hall road, past the first roundabout.
  7. I'm enjoying the banter but thought this was rather funny!
  8. Yurt! I had to Google Yurt, what is the purpose of a Yurt at the schools as mentioned in Russ's report?
  9. What aeroplanes are you going to watch? anything special?
  10. All in jest CL and not offended, but being only from Blyth the rest of your explanation is wayyyy over my head,
  11. That's rather rude! as bad as the original comment.
  12. And a very happy Australia day to you Brian.
  13. Many happy returns Canny lass, hope you have a great, warm day...
  14. Please excuse the topic drift! Our number plate /vehicle registration is very different system and only our military have Canadian number plates, each Province issues their own, totally different plates completely, (most provinces only issue a rear plate) issued to the car owner and stays with that owner and not the vehicle, each year a fee is payed for a year/ month sticker, that is all you can affix to a plate. Two of my vehicles have personal plates and two have vintage plates, I used to have the Northumberland red yellow stripped flag/ bumper sticker on one truck.
  15. "to give everyone a sense of national pride once again." I don't think what is allowed or not presently allowed is his Mr Barnes's argument he just would like to fly his "COUNTRIES" flag with pride while not breaking any laws and encourage others to do the same. I am proud to be British but have no pride in being European! just as I am proud to be Canadian but not North American!
  16. It was also hotmail that I had a problem using!
  17. Happy new year everyone, wishing you all the best wishes for 2018.
  18. Merry Christmas Brian and to all our forum friends.
  19. Loved them both. The orange juice bottle was very "square" my dad taught me the wonders of a spirit level using one of those! Ah! the things that you remember that mom and dad passed on. Sorry for the drift from the Alma Inn. (I couldn't resist before I forgot!)
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