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  1. Oh! I don't go fishing now the kids are gone, just go and look, Two local lakes, most regulars have tents or huts, even caravans, parked all winter on the ice. No floors in the tents or huts, seats, heaters etc, beer coolers not necessary! drive your truck or car anywhere you think the fish might bight. When the kids were kids we had snowmobiles, we'd travel through mountains, find a lake and drill hole and fish half the day. No computers or video games in the days. Family day February 15th, families go for the day, no fishing license needed, lots of prizes for sizes, age groups e
  2. 1. Cheviot hills 2. Chicken 3. Lacrosse 4. Pontefract 5. John Galsworthy. 6. Lord Nelson 7. Capuchin monkey 8. Lawyer 9. Kenny Dalglish 10. Lithosphere. 11. Clock 12. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
  3. Spent most of my Friday shovelling and blowing drifted snow, after a couple of weeks of temperatures as low as -40c, Windy and snowing right now, a balmy -6c. But the Family Day ice fishing derby went well.
  4. 1. Prunella Scales 2. Vauxhall Cavalier 3. STS, Space Transportation System, (Shuttle) 4. Tower of London. (Mint Street) 5. Hydrogen 6. Diana Dors 7. May 6, 1960 8. Airliner, Boeing 747 9. True 10. Stethoscope 11. Little john 12. Right
  5. And the height appears a little bit higher from the school.
  6. Good meeting, yes the preamble unnecessary, (why use two words when I'm more important if I use ten!) Matthew did an excellent job of his presentation and response to questions. Would be nice to see some goals set to ensure some progress! Seeking public input is a great necessary step.
  7. I'd think it was on a vehicle, probably a street lighting installation or maintenance truck, (done it many times!)
  8. 1. In Greek mythology who was the God of the Underworld? Hades 2. Who had a number one hit in 1982 with Happy Talk? Captain Sensible 3. Who was once reported to have bitten off a bat’s head on stage? Ozzy Osbourne 4. Rudolf Hess was the last prisoner in which prison? Spandau Prison 5. What colour is a ship’s starboard light? green 6. What is the unit of currency in Norway? krone 7. Along with the kayak which other type of canoe is used in the Olympics? ? 8. What is the Vulgate a version of? Bibl
  9. 1. Which branch of dentistry is concerned with the correction of badly positioned teeth? Orthodontist 2. What English name is given to the great tower of a castle? Keep 3. In which London Borough is Poplar? Tower Hamlets 4. What did Grace Kelly’s surname change to in 1956? Princess of Monaco 5. In which cartoon series did the try to avoid Officer Dibble? Top Cat 6. A spat is the young of which mollusc? Oyster 7. During which battle did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place? Battle of Balaklava 8.
  10. Congratulations, a very well deserved win, keep up the great work. 🍺🏆
  11. Happy Australia day, Hope all is well with you, stay safe Brian.
  12. 1. Seismograph. 2. Peru. 3. Hydroponics. 4. Michael. 5. The Sound. 6. Potato Pete, Doctor Carrot. 7. Vanessa Paradis. 8. Queen Victoria. 9. Prism. 10. Men. 11. 20th. 12. Harold Macmillan.
  13. 1. In which year was the wearing of front seat belts made compulsory in England? 1968 2. Pertussis is the medical name for which infectious disease? Whooping cough 3. Which Spanish singer was a goalkeeper with Real Madrid before a car crash ended his career? Julio Iglesias 4. Which bird was once known as the Halcyon? Kingfisher 5. What was the first name of the silent film star Fatty Arbuckle? Roscoe 6. In which American state is The Garden of the Gods? Colorado 7. If one, two and three are Cardinal what are
  14. He opens it by himself CL, after taking the suet cake from the end section, but he didn't go in for that.
  15. I love the technology! now to plan the walk I would have been on if I hadn't started this plan! I feel fitter already.
  16. Happy birthday CL, I hope you are having a great day, (and not shovelling snow!)
  17. 18 Time to say goodbye, Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman
  18. Happy new year everyone, and thank you Canny lass for our Friday quiz. 1. What is often referred to as ‘the green-eyed monster’? Jealousy 2. In which English county is the Isle of Purbeck? Dorset, 3. Iguanas belong to which reptile family? lizard family Iguanidae. 4. Who composed the opera The Bartered Bride? Bedřich Smetana, 5. Who is the patron saint of messengers? Gabriel 6. What was the town of Mechelen in Belgium once famous for? Wood carvings, lace and tapestry 7. Who was the first US Presid
  19. Happy new year everyone, wishing you and your families the best of health and happiness for 2021.
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